What is an entity clearing?

This session is about releasing negative energetic beings from your energy field. These could be: demons, satanic beings, discarnates (dead souls), separates (dead souls from other galaxies), dark forces, banshees, macumbas. They create great emotional and mental distress!

How am I able to do this work?

I have been doing entity release work since 2014 but at a lower dimensional level – 15D. In the past year (2023-2024) I have been able to expand my energy field and get to a state of clearing that has allowed me to channel 30 dimensional frequency of source energy light for discreet periods of time. This has allowed me to start offering entity removal above 15 dimensions! Through a combination of:

  • clearing my energy field over many years free from entities, chips, implants, seals, artificial overlays,
  • developing the strength of my Reiki channel with regular ignitions – now up to Holy Fire World Peace Reiki (an advanced level of Reiki through the lineage of William Lee Rand),
  • Using the Reiki Spirit Release Technique I was taught at Master Level
  • Doing somatic processing/enlightenment technique I AM Balanced with my teachers Robin Baldock and Greg Branson from the Peacemakers group in London,
  • improving my physical health
  • having a close personal encounter with a 30D demon (linked to a past life with another person) , which I transmuted myself!

… I have discovered that I can pulse a 30D frequency of source energy light for periods of time, enough to release entities of 30D and below!

Check how strong the entity is before booking a healer …

Most healers are unaware that really serious entity removal which leads to anxiety and depression is due to heavy entity interference above 15D, but most don’t do an assessment to check the strength of the interference, and end up overpromising what they can deliver. I do with my Soul Mission Energy Assessment Consultation. Also, most other healers don’t transmit frequencies strong enough above 15D to be able to release the entity. This is why people go to some exorcists who tell them they’re released it, but it hasn’t. Or they have attracted new entities because they didn’t follow the next steps.

How do I check the strength of your entity interference?

I use a pendulum, connect to my Higher Self, your Higher Self to get a reading. I then check on a chart listing types of entities, and I check on a scale of 0 to 100, how strong the entity is. That tells me if I have the capacity to release it off. Believe me, I have come across people with entities at -50D! In that case I would work with a team of specialists to support you.

Number of sessions needed:

Some people need 1 session , others need 2. It depends on how strong your nervous system is – if it can handle a 30D frequency or not. I always check with your Higher Self as to what you are capable of.

Installing Protective Shield

Then at the end of the session I install a 30D Holy Fire World Peace Reiki Shield. This is useful to install on a temporary basis whilst you are undergoing other healing treatments so you don’t get another entity attachment in the meantime.

How long does the session take?

Between 30 minutes to an hour.

How is the session delivered?

In person In the Soul Mission clinic in north London or over Zoom.

When will you feel the difference?

Almost immediately, if the entity has not been present in your field for long, but if you have developed mental/emotional issues and an unbalanced brain – you will need additional steps. You may also have additional issues in your field causing problems like chips, implants, seals and other Hidden Distortions.

The next step of your Entity Recovery treatment

Separate sessions to this one – would be to release off any trapped emotions you have stuck in your body, and release off the layers of limiting core wound beliefs (mental programming) that attracted the entity to attach to you in the first place. They feed off these.

It is simply not enough just to release an entity. One must also ensure you, my customer, are left in a better place, and not left vulnerable to more psychic attacks.

You still need to do mental/emotional work including physical rebalancing because entities can affect your brain and nervous system long term. For this, my Step 3 Programme – Build Mental & Emotional Strength, Resilience and Flexibility will support you with that.

So, there is no quick fix, only persistence over a couple of months towards your recovery. This is about you being supported to take charge of your energy and power back!


What does 30 dimensional mean?

We have dimensions in darkness and dimensions in light. To create balance and to neutralise entities we integrate into the zero point, the neutral point with an opposing frequency of light. So if we have an entity at 30 dimensions in darkness we need to neutralise it with a 30 D frequency of light source energy.

Dimensions are level of consciousness and frequency, but also time/space constructs within which a level of consciousness exists. We live in a  15 dimensional time/space matrix within our solar system. Beyond the 15th dimensional we connect with another additional 15 D time/space matrix (solar system/universe) above ours, which takes us to 30D!


Signs of entity interference:

Anxiety, depression, irrational fear, sleeplessness, suicidal ideation, sexual psychic attacks, being physically moved by unseen forces or silenced in bed. Preoccupation with irrational fears, mind in a loop of thought patterns, questioning yourself, doubting yourself.  If this situation is left too long, it can lead to psychosis.


Please check out this playlist on youtube of customers who have have entity clearing done on them. 

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