Female Soul Healing – Level 3

Do You…

  • Keep repeating patterns, habits or cycles in your life?
  • Want to harness your femininity for success in life?
  • Feeling burned out or exhausted?
  • Menstrual or female health issues e.g. painful period, menopausal issues, gynaecological or fertility issues?
  • Wanting to let go of past hurts experienced as a girl or woman? e.g. sexual abuse or miscarriage.
  • Want to  release any pain stuck in your womb?
  • Keep attracting the wrong man or want more respect from men?
  • Haven’t felt attractive or feminine in a while?
  • Has the sex life in your relationship dwindled and do you want to reignite that passion?
  • Taking BIG action in your life but still not seeing results?
  • Would you like to get back in touch with your natural healthy feminine energy?

If you answered yes to any of the above then the Female Soul Healing session could be for you you. To find out more read below, book a free 15 minute call with me on the contact page, or book a Female Energy Check Consultation.

What is a Female Soul Healing – (Level 3)?

The Female Soul Healing goes further than the Womb Healing as it works more deeply with your four main feminine energy archetypes across your three main feminine energy centres beyond the day to day life, into love and our spiritual connection.(More detail below) It is an energy healing session on your feminine energy.

The Female Soul Healing takes us deeper into our archetype healing, focusing not only on restoring our female energies and bringing balance to the expression of our four female archetypes in the body and in everyday life but also on restoring our energies at the level of love, connection and relationships and at the level of perception and spiritual connection.

In this way, the Female Soul Healing goes deeper than the Womb Healing session as it covers all the three main energy centres The Womb Healing session focuses just on the womb (cauldron) centre.

This healing can be described as ‘coming home’, as we bring ourselves back into balance at a deeper level so that we can face the turmoil of the outer world with more centredness, calm, love, strength and inner knowing.

 Your Four Female Archetypes:

Archetypes are patterns or ways of being in the world that are universal, meaning they are seen and experienced throughout all countries, cultures and in the cycles of nature. It is cyclical being in the flow living as opposed to linear, focused, consistent (the same) way of living (more masculine). 

The four female archetypes are the Spring Maiden (pre ovulation), Summer Mother (ovulation), Autumn Enchantress (pre menstruation) and the Winter Crone/Wise Woman (menstruation). She also represents the four main phases of female life: the independent woman, the family woman, the peri menopausal woman, and post menopausal woman.

The Spring Maiden is the pre ovulation or Waxing Moon phase. In her optimum energy she is dynamic, confident, focused, planning, action-taking. She can start new projects, ideas or bring new breathe of fresh air into life! She is embodied in the independent woman free from obligations of family or partners.

The Summer Mother is the ovulation or Full Moon phase. In her optimum energy she is receptive, empathetic, nurturing, fertile, sensual and desiring to connect with others. She is embodied in the mother energy of creativity, and of developing her ideas or projects planted in spring.

The Autumn Enchantress is the pre-menstruation or Waning moon phase. In her optimum phase she is dynamic, discerning, more boundaried, insightful, magical and transformational. She is embodied in the magical transformation of her life, and reaps the harvest of the ideas or intentions she planted in spring and developed in summer; the energy of completion – e.g. birthing a baby, completing a project.

The Winter Crone/Wise Woman is the menstruation or New Moon phase. In her optimum phase she is receptive, intuitive, spiritual, connecting to the soul and the cosmic womb. She is embodied in the stillness of endings, reviews and the winter in nature and in menstruation where everything is dormant and at rest. She reflects inwardly on life, one’s soul purpose and its meaning and gains inspiration for the next cycle. She is total acceptance of all archetypes and of all aspects of life. She holds space for the other three archetypes.

Your Three Feminine Energy Gateways/Energy Centres:


Your womb energy centre regulates how you go about in your daily life in a healthy female body and whether you are respecting your feminine lifestyle as a cyclical human. By cyclical I mean women operate according to cycles, no matter what age, whether they bleeding or no longer bleeding. Men operate in a more linear way, consistently. Neither is better or worse – just different. When you do not live your life in a feminine cyclical way you end up experiencing wellbeing issues such as the ones listed above.

Your heart energy centre governs how you experience your relationships, and your ability to give and receive love. Where there is an imbalance you may find you are conflicts with loved ones, feel resentful or hurt by other’s actions or lack of action towards you. Or you may struggle to connect with people as closely as you would like. Often we have unconscious patterns or past hurt memories running in the background that we have not made peace with that are affecting our ability to connect with others now.

Your female mind energy centre governs your ability to connect to the Divine Feminine within you as well as the Divine Cosmic Mother. It is the seat of your intuition, and your ability to make sense of the world as a woman and connect with your soul purpose in this life. This is also the place where you can connect to Divine Feminine within all women, the collective feminine consciousness on this planet, as well as female animals, nature and be in sync with the earth’s seasonal changes.

How is the Female Soul Healing delivered?

This can be delivered at a distance (Zoom) or in person. It lasts for an hour and you are fully clothed. You will be guided to sit or lie down for the session. I will usually play music during the session.

If choosing the Distant Healing option: wewill connect on Zoom. You will be guided to sit or lie down for the session. 

If choosing the In Person option: I will invite you to lie down on a couch and explain where my hands are placed on your womb, heart and head areas of your body. If hands on does not feel comfortable, the treatment can be done hands off – let me know before we begin, but I will still ask you. Some crystals will be placed on your body.

Experiences during the session:

Some ladies feel hot or cold sensations, others feel emotional, whilst others simply fall asleep or into a trance like state. Yet others have conscious awareness of past female lives being healed. Everyone has a different experience and all are valid.

After the session you will have chance to share your experience of the session, and receive guidance on any further healing needed.

Female Energy Check & Taster Womb Healing Session

To receive a full assessment of your feminine archetypes I recommended receiving this consultation. For more information about that click on the heading.


I can hand on heart say that this lady is pretty special. I have been working with balancing my feminine and masculine energies for a while now. But since I had these sessions, I feel so much lighter, I feel so much sexier, I get lots of male attention. And my relationship with my male partner is so much more harmonious and amazing now. For full testimonial please watch video to the right.

Maggie Sarfo

Akashic Record Therapist and Performance Coach

I very much enjoyed doing Natasha Feminine Program, its content is rich with information and inspirations. The energetic transmissions were strong and the overall program helped me finally creating that relationship with my cycle that my body long craved for.

With each phase of my cycle, I have gradually transformed my feelings of fear and not been able to control the situation, to surrender and trust in my own body. In the space of a month, I have seen my intention going from wanted clarity, to completely embrace the journey as a part of a bigger plan.

Thanks to this program, each Female Archetype finally presented to me for the first time, wanted to be recognised and embraced, showing me ways to flow with the needs and the qualities of each phase.

As I allowed for space to rest and sit within in the days leading up to menstruation, my period was less painful then the previous month. Most importantly my relationship with my period changed: I now no longer see it just as a waste of resources as I do not want pregnancy to take place, but as a way to create something new each month. Seeing the womb as a creative centre, from which unlimited possibilities and potential arises.

I strongly recommend Natasha, for her skills and kind heart, she followed me throughout the program and afterwards, she created a safe space for me to see where I was restricted and let go of that resistance.

Pina Dibenedetto

Nutritional Therapist and Healer

Curious If This is For You? More Questions?

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