Female Energy Check and Womb Healing Consultation

Is This You?

  • Are you feeling burned out or exhausted?
  • Have you got menstrual or female health issues? e.g. painful period, peri menopausal, menopausal or post menopausal issues, gynaecological or fertility issues
  • Are you carrying unresolved past hurts experienced as a girl or woman? e.g. sexual abuse, bad relationships or miscarriage.
  • Experiencing pain in your womb or vulval area?
  • Keep attracting the wrong guy or want more respect from men?
  • Haven’t felt attractive or feminine in a while?
  • Have seen the sex life in your relationship dwindle and you want to reignite the passion?
  • Have been taking BIG action in your life but are still not seeing results?

If you said “yes, that sounds like me!” to any of the above then a Female Energy Check and Womb Healing Consultation would be right for you.

What is a Female Energy Check and Womb Healing Consultation?

This is a consultation where we check your feminine energy is functioning properly:

1. across 3 key female energy centres: your womb area (cauldron), your heart area (chalice) and your intuition/perception/brain area (star). I use the modality Womb Blessing (R) trained by Miranda Gray – as a Level 3 Moon Mother.

2. Do a health check on your physical health and your menstrual cycle (if you are still menstruating), or if you are peri/post menopausal.

3. Mini check on the  rest of your spiritual body for any unhealthy attachments or negative energies. 


Your womb energy centre regulates how you go about in your daily life in a healthy female body and whether you are respecting your feminine lifestyle as a cyclical human. By cyclical I mean women operate according to cycles, no matter what age, whether they bleeding or no longer bleeding. Men operate in a more linear way, consistently. Neither is better or worse – just different. When you do not live your life in a feminine cyclical way you end up experiencing wellbeing issues such as the ones listed above.

Your heart energy centre governs how you experience your relationships, and your ability to give and receive love. Where there is an imbalance you may find you are conflicts with loved ones, feel resentful or hurt by other’s actions or lack of action towards you. Or you may struggle to connect with people as closely as you would like. Often we have unconscious patterns or past hurt memories running in the background that we have not made peace with that are affecting our ability to connect with others now.

Your female mind energy centre governs your ability to connect to the Divine Feminine within you as well as the Divine Cosmic Mother. It is the seat of your intuition, and your ability to make sense of the world as a woman and connect with your soul purpose in this life. This is also the place where you can connect to Divine Feminine within all women, the collective feminine consciousness on this planet, as well as female animals, nature and be in sync with the earth’s seasonal changes.

How Do I Check Your Female Energy Centres?

I am an intuitive healer and trained Moon Mother (Level 3) specialising in healing female energy. During your consultation I will be feeling into your female energy centres by hovering my hand above points around the  womb space, heart space, and head. You are fully clothed and you will be asked to lie down on a couch for me to perform this check whilst listening to gentle music. You will be receiving a womb healing session at the same time as your check, and people report feeling very relaxed by the end of the session.

Afterwards I go through a report of your energy centres, and, with your permission, offer suggestions to improve your female energy centres with more permanent solutions and suggestions. You will take away a written or emailled report with a plan for how to move forward.

The whole consultation takes approximately 1 1/2 hours.

Why Get a Consultation?

Once you can identify where the energy block is for you – you can identify how to solve it. Often energy blocks left untreated filter down to the emotional, mental and physical health levels when they could have been resolved earlier or with greater ease.

Most emotional, mental or physical health issues are as a result of an accumulation of untreated issues left for years, decades, or even passed down through the family line as a result of energy blocks.

Which is why most people have recurring mental, emotional or physical health problems – which means problems are not being resolved at the root cause level – at the energy level.

By having a consultation you will:

  • know what the root cause patterns are
  • have a written plan to resolve those issues
  • be offered solutions to prevent future issues from building up
  • find out how you can thrive in life beyond your issues
  • experience receiving a womb healing session and discover what it is like working with me

Where and When Is the Consultation Delivered?

Where –  3 options:

  1. Online via Zoom
  2. In person at Moon 3 Ages Women’s Health near Tufnell Park Tube, North London
  3. In person at Soul Mission’s healing clinic in South Tottenham, North East London near Seven Sisters tube, Stamford Hill and South Tottenham overground stations.

How Long Is The Consultation?

One and a half hours.

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