25 Dimensional Hidden Distortion Removal

This session is delivered by my Teacher. These are his words:….

There is so much more to this spiritual stuff than truly meets the eye…

What if I told you that it goes even deeper than you’ve ever thought possible?

Over the last 9 months through the many various spiritual battles and psychic warfare that I’ve been battling and destroying, I found out that there is so much more to certain types of distortions than we really know.

There is so much more that is not available anywhere because these are the distortions that the dark one’s don’t want you to know about.

These various types of distortions are literally hidden in multi-dimensional layers of the energetic and physical body. Right down to your BONES!

Can they be throughout your body? Yes, they most certainly can.

However, it is different for every person of course. But this rings true for all beings, it seems to be a problem that is within each and every person and these distortions are not easily discovered or cleared by different methods of clearings.

We have the various types of unnatural seals, implants, and other types of psychic related attacks such as curses, hexes, spells, witchcraft, sorcery, evil eye, black magic, voodoo magic, etc. that can be easily discovered in one’s fields through generalized scanning and divination.

However, the dark one’s have figured out much more sinister methods of applying these various distortions in different areas of the body that are hidden.

This means that they are completely undetectable from any normal means of scanning the body.

They are placed within the body during your incarnation and can even be placed within different areas of the body at different stages of your life.

So, when we remove the various j-seals, unnatural seals, implants and other types of distortions that are similar, we are not actually removing the hidden distortions such as hidden implants, imprints, etc that can not be detected or cleared by sessions like or similar to the Matrix Unplugging, or the J-Seals & Unnatural Implants Removal Sessions. (This session does not remove these distortions. Refer to the Matrix Unplugging  Session for more information.)

These various implants, imprints and other distortions are able to completely shutdown their energy signature (they are very smart) so that they lie dormant within one’s fields, especially if someone is scanning for other types of distortions.

In this process, they remain dormant and not able to be detected.

On top of that, a lot of them become timed-released hidden distortions that activate in certain situations.

Having a conversation with a person, doing a certain type of activity, and even certain words or phrases that you say or are said to you (on purpose), may activate these distortions within you that ultimately begin a process of destruction and suffering within your body and your life that you have absolutely no idea is evening happening.

You may chalk it up to things that you are experiencing because you are getting older or reasons that you may feel is related to other things that are happening in your life.

But in actuality, many things are happening on many levels of your entire being without you even knowing what is going on and this can cause all kinds of turmoil in your life, not just in your body.

Ever wonder why certain people come into your life?

What happens when they do?

Do you always have good experiences when these people come into your life?

If you are questioning this right now, more than likely there may have been something triggered within you that has activated some level of these hidden distortions that are in your fields, simply by having a specifically placed conversation (that was by design) with you in order to activate the distortions that are already known to be in your body.

Does this activate them all? Absolutely not. They can all be activated at different points in your life. Unfortunately there is no definitive way of determining when they will activate and just how and what will trigger them to activate. But they do.

I’ve personally witnessed them within my own family through the various spiritual attacks that they’ve gone through and the physical experiences that they’ve personally been affected by.

They can be very serious. To the point of physically altering one’s body and appearance in different ways. When I discovered these distortions, I went right to work and created this system to completely destroy them and reverse the effects that they have done in many aspects of my family’s lives.

These hidden distortions are much more volatile than the actual distortions that are easily discovered and removed with certain types of healing systems.

Most of these hidden distortions also have energies, we call them peripheral energies that are attached to them that also keep these distortions from being completely cleared.

In other words, these peripheral energies can re-instate and re-create these hidden distortions if they have not been personally removed.

The following peripheral energies will be cleared and removed from your fields. These energies are responsible for re-creating or re-activating these distortions if they are cleared without first clearing them with this specific session ONLY:

Satellites – Repeaters – Broadcasters – Receivers – Receptors – Attractors – Reactors – & Resisters
Projectors – Projections – Projectionists – Programs – Programmers – Overriders – Overwriters – Underriders – & Underwriters
Injectors – Injections – & Psychic Poison
Pods & Seeds – Eggs – Larva – Caterpillars & Bugs
Attachments – Piggy Backing – Cloaked Tag-ons – Hijackers & Saboteurs – Background Programs
Back Lash – Front Lash – Side Lash – Lash Removal Lash – Unlash/AntiLash – Research & Discovery Lash
Inappropriate Prayers and /A.I.- God Energies
Mimickers – Imitators – Copy Cats – Clones – Twins & Relatives
Morphers – Phasers & Random Phasers – Shape Shifters & Shape Shifting Deceivers
Time Releases – Event Releases – Space Releases – Time Loops – Space Loops – Event Loops – Loop Holes – & Fruit Loops (Makes you CRAZY)
Disrupters – Corrupters – Perverters – Truth Twisters – Mutaters & Mutations – Distorters, Distortions & Distortionists, Networks, Liaisons, Minions, Workforces, Staff
Plans – Blueprints – Schematics – Patterns & Templates – Duplicates & Duplicators, Copies, Libraries
Originators – Designers – Engineers – Bosses – Sources – Sources Sources – Master Minds – (& Their Memories Of You) Puppet Masters – Puppeteers
Re-creators – Re-animators – Reseters – Rerouters
Reverters – Reversers – Set Backs & Booby Traps
Thought/Focus: Misplacers, Displacers, Replacers, Scatterers, & Foggers
Memory: Snatchers, Cloakers, Shatterers, Re-arrangers, Misinterpreters, & Filterers
Phantoms – Illusions & Illusionists – Smoke & Mirrors – False Memories & Fear of Memories
Bad Luck – Curses – Jinxes – Whammies – Spells – Hexes – Voodoo/Hoodoo – Mojo – Juju – Signs – Signals – Tokens – Sigils – Signets – Prohibitions – Codes – Charms – Amulet Magick – Talismans -Black/White & All Other Magicks
Fear Imprints – Lies – Deceptions – Threats – Black Mail – & Sinister Agendas
Unauthorized Psychic Surveillance Passes, Remote Viewers and Controllers
Forced Force Fields & Bands – Traps – Prisons – Freezers & Thawers
Unauthorized “Sleeper/Dormant” Programs, Garbage & Debris, plus all Trauma Re-setters/Re-creaters
Manufacturers, Producers, Directors, Enforcers, intimidators & Obligators
Hidden & Camouflaged: Invaders, Attackers, Snipers, Surveyors & Perpetrators
Trash Talking Voices and Voice Boxes
Anxiety, Pain & Suffering, Fear & Dread: Exaggerators, Trumpers, Escalators, Intensifiers, Exacerbaters
Time, Dimension, Realm & Reality Jumpers
Networks: Organized & unorganized, Named & Unnamed
Covenants, Codes, Restrictions
Replicators + Echos & Echo Chambers that make things repeat endlessly
Unethical, Obsolete, Coerced, or Forced: Agreements – Contracts – Promises – Pledges – Pacts – Oaths & Vows

The various hidden implants and imprints will be cleared out of the following areas:

Energetic and physical head, eyes, nose, ears, mouth, placenta, memories, thoughts, mind, brain, feelings, actions, womb, emotions, heart, aorta, spine, butt, throat, arms, legs, neck, ribs, wrists, teeth, feet, hands, ankles, stomach, shoulders, breasts, chest, ovaries, vagina, uterus, fallopian tubes, penis, testicles, hips, all organs, thighs, intestines, bladder, tissue, truth, veins, bones and all other areas of the body not mentioned.

You will also receive a clearing (easily detectable distortions: visible) from all of the above areas consisting of:

Negative entities, demons, djinn, portals, gateways, doorways, vortexes, dimensions of darkness, technician beings, knives, spider webs, parasites, infections, chips, pins, needles, blood, etheric blood, malevolent intentions, actions, words, all black magic/voodoo energies, past life curses, incarnated curses, oaths, bonds, spells, hexes, witchcraft, sorcery, evil eye, curses, contracts, vows, ties, soul ties, consents, manipulations, emotional and mental abuse, black magician grids, negative forms/voodoo dolls, black magician/sorcery, black magic forcefields, NET static fields.

On top of that, the following hidden distortions will also be removed from all of the above areas consisting of:

Hidden: Curses, ancestral curses, hexes, ancestral hexes, spells, ancestral spells, witchcraft, ancestral witchcraft, sorcery, evil eye, black magic and voodoo magic.

There is special pricing for more than one purchase, if you want to do this for your family as well, know that their conscious permission is required, unless they are under age. This session can be performed on children that are 2 years of age and older.

The 25D Hidden Distortion Removal session is a 2 hour session and requires you to be laying down on your back with your eyes closed.