Four Womb Secrets to Living Life Successfully As A Woman Free Workshop

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Is this you?

Do you wish you could live more….

  • abundantly?
  • joyfully?
  • pleasurably?
  • manifest success more easily?
  • experience greater ease and comfort in your body?
  • have a more satisfying relationship to yourself and others
  • attract more wealth and opportunities into your life?

What if I told you, your womb had secrets it’s been whispering to you for years, hoping you would hear them so you could follow her guidance? (hello….!?)

That she’s been longing for you to connect to her secret powers of magnetism, prosperity and power!

Do you hear her call?

Come my friend, and join me where I share her secrets to you opening more fully into success as  a woman, in your own unique way!

Join me in this free webinar where I will be sharing what I learned on my journey to reconnecting to my womb, my femininity, my feminine power again!

You will learn….

  • what rhythm of living life in gets you the best results!
  • how to avoid getting stuck in a place in the body, so you stay healthy and energised!
  • how to harness your very own special inner life coach!
  • discover the best times of the month to create and manifest success!

Why is this webinar specially for women? Because…

  • have a different energy structure to men
  • we operate in a different way
  • we are changeable
  • we are more sensitive (in a good way!
  • we have different needs
  • we hold massive powers of creation!

Why Coming to This Webinar Will Save You Time, Money, Health and Your Relationships

I know what it’s like to have a disconnected relationship to my womb, my true authentic femininity…..I’ve experienced a lot in my life:

  • Menstrual gynaecological problems
  • I suffered from depression and anxiety, self doubt and indecision
  • I had a difficult relationship with food, I ate to numb out my painful feelings
  • I got into dead-end, unfulfilling relationships, and on one occasion in an abusive one
  • I tolerated and accepted less than what I was worth in work, in my career
  • My relationship with family was strained
  • I missed out on opportunities in life, such as having a family because I left supporting my wellbeing too late

Why did I go through this? Because I had never been taught to listen to my womb, so I never heard HER SECRETS!

Which is why I want to save you time, money, energy and your health by sharing what I have learned, so you don’t have to learn thigs the hard way, like I did!

But mostly it’s because I want to give you the opportunity to live your life boldly, proudly, as a woman, without regrets, with excitement, joy and anticipation for what delicious experiences life will bring you!

Additional Bonus For those Who Attend Live!

I will be delivering a live healing transmission from the Divine Feminine to you all live on the webinar, so make sure you attend all the way through, as there will be more exciting surprises I will share with you!

Who Am I?

I am a trained Soul Mission Priestess and Moon Mother (Level 3 Healer, mentor Miranda Gray) so I specialise in feminine energy healing, mentoring women to live life fully according to their natural rhythms! I am also trained in Personal Training, Hormone Rebalancing, Health and Psychic Surgery (releasing negative energies) and activating your Divine DNA so you can fulfill your soul mission here on this planet.

I Am Here to Serve You

I invite you therefore to this free webinar, book your place below:

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