Successful Starseed Mission

Saturday and Sunday 20-21 February 2021, 9-6 PM, London, UK, Online Programme Over Zoom


This is Soul Mission’s Core Programme

A two day online programme which gives starseeds the basic tools on how to be on their path to fulfilling their life purpose, their soul mission. Nobody taught us from an early age that we need two basic things to be on on our mission – a good connection to ourselves, our soul guidance to direct us on our path – and a manifestation plan and ritual to energise and create the timeline for our soul mission. I am here to teach you that!

This is the core programme I wish I had received at the beginning of my starseed/healing journey, but I have now since created in order to give all starseeds or healers a firm foundation to act on and create their soul mission, or before doing specific healing modalities. This combines Steps 1 and 8 Of the 8 Step Method I created to get you on track with your soul mission:

Step 1 – Reconnect to Your Source Energy and Centre Within Your Heart!

Step 8 – Magical Mission Manifestation!

Remaining steps 2-7 are simply  about removing deeper level blocks to achieving your soul mission, which you can read about here.

This is for you if you are….

Unclear About Your Soul Mission
  • You are not sure what is your soul mission or how to connect with it
  • You lose yourself in people, places or things in order to feel ok or you revert back to old unhelpful habits/patterns that bring you down and off track to fulfilling your soul mission
  • You don’t have a good sense of yourself, your core
  • You are considering doing healing work and want a good foundation before being initiated into/attuned to a healing frequency
  • You have already been doing healing work in an effort to help yourself and others but certain core personal issues are still affecting you

Not Able to Manifest Your Soul Mission

  • You know what your soul mission is but you don’t know how to achieve it?
  • You know what your soul mission is but you get distracted along the way/allow things to get in the way?
  • Have you tried to manifest your soul mission but it’s not working?
  • Confused about your goals?
  • Wondering if you’re manifesting from highest and best of intentions, or from ego? (it will subvert your plans, trust me)
  • Used the Law of Attraction but not getting results?
  • Done rituals or ceremonies previously to manifest something but the outcome was different to what you hoped for?
  • Just dreamed/hoped/prayed for your mission to manifest but still nothing?

If you answered yes to any of the above then this programme is for you!

This Programme is designed to:

  • Day 1 – Reconnect to Your Source Energy and Centre Within Your Heart
    • Get you clear on your soul mission by:
    • Teach you how to connect to the highest and most authentic source for guidance on your soul mission
    • Teach you about your energy field (chakras, soul and aura) 
    • Use the Heart Connections technique to connect to your own energy field and power
    • Receive a Personal Heart Connections Activation to connect to your own energy field and power
    • Receive a clearing by Holy Spirit removing blocks to your next step on your spiritual path, or connection to your soul for guidance
  • Day 2 – Magical Mission Manifestation!

    • Provide you with a template manifestation plan and ritual that works:

    • Create your soul mission manifestation plan that is authentic to you
    • Feel the the certainty behind what you are creating will manifest
    • Get clear about what you need to do and who you need to be to manifest your soul mission
    • Enjoy the ritual process as fun, uplifting and energising! Physical movement is involved so wear clothes you can easily move in!
    • Learning how to discern the importance of balance between being more structured or more flexible with your plans
    • Learn how to check how far you have come along!

What you will receive, learn and feel….

    • How to Connect to Yourself for Inner Guidance on Your Soul Mission Path
      • Introduction to your energy system, the 12 chakra system and how to determine  if yours are in balance (necessary for being on your soul mission)
      • Explanation of the original ‘wound’ of separation and purpose behind the Human Condition.
      • Victim versus Creator energy – about self empowerment
      • Understanding energetic boundaries between yourself and others, keeping your field intact.
      • Personal Reconnection Activation to your own source energy. Focus on the higher heart energy.
      • Includes an energetic clearing on your soul and energy field to any blocks you might have to receiving the Activation.
      • Heart Connection technique
        • Learning how to fill yourself up with your own source energy and manage your energy
        • Learning centering and grounding to keep your energy balanced.
        • Connecting with your soul for guidance on your soul mission etc.
        • Heart connections with others, people you’re in conflict with, loved ones, those who have passed over, objects or situations in life including your soul mission
        • When to use the Heart Connection practice daily, monthly, seasonally, yearly or after receiving healing (transforming painful feeling coming up during a healing crisis)
        • Using Heart Connections to guide you on your soul mission, your life purpose, a prerequisite to doing the Magical Mission Manifestation course, which is Day 2 of this programme.
      • Includes a clearing by Holy Spirit removing blocks to your next step on your spiritual path, or blocks to the connection to your soul for guidance.
    • How to Manifest Your Soul Mission
      • Learn how to set your goals for life, the year, season and month in a way that is authentic to you
      • A plan to develop who you need to be in order to take the action you need to take in order to create and manifest
      • Template plans and a guided audio meditation you can listen to to practice the Heart Connections technique on your own
      • Magical Mission Manifestation ritual template to use whenever you need
    • Next Steps

      • If you want to setup a healing business what are the next steps you can take

      • After support for one month after this programme where you can ask questions over email/phone

      • Invitation to do other programmes with Soul Mission so you can go deeper

Videos About The Core Programme


What You Will Need to Participate In This Programme

  • Computer/Tablet with easy access to Zoom (free programme download)
  • Headset/earbuds with microphone with a long enough lead
  • A private room where you will not be disturbed, there will be more moving around on Day 2
  • Paper, pencils, coloured pens, magazines to draw with
  • Open attitude to engage and ask questions

How Is the Workshop Delivered?

Over Zoom.

How Many Places Are Available?

8 places, first come, first served.

What’s the investment?

The price is listed on the booking page, click button below.

How to Book Your Place

Click on button below to book your place on the next group class. You will be taken to a separate page where you input your details, then make payment. You will then receive an email confirmation of your class including what to do to prepare, and where to meet e.g. Zoom link details. If the next class date is not suitable consider doing an individual class or join my mailing list on my home page to be notified of the next class…