Reclaim Your Feminine Power Programme – Advanced Level


Do You…

  • Having problems with one of your feminine archetypes despite going through the introductory level programme? E.g. struggling motherhood, lack of independent self-identity, weak boundaries with others, inability to rest or go deeply within?
  • Working in femininity healing work but want to learn more deeply?
  • Not had much healing on your vulva, vagina or wishing to feel more sensual, or reclaim your sexuality?
  • Would you like to feel more during love-making?
  • Stuck in a rut sexually or been too preoccupied with taking care of children/caring for others?
  • Haven’t felt your sexual libido in a while?
  • Going through life changes e.g. peri-menopause/menopause and wish to navigate sex during that transition time?

If you answered yes to any of the above then the Reclaim Your Feminine Power Programme – Advanced Level would suit you. To find out more about the Programme and how I can help you book a consultation and taster session with me below.

Who Is this For?

This programme is designed for women who have taken the introductory level Feminine Power programme, and feel they need to fine-tune some issues they have discovered whilst on the introductory level. This may be doing more specific work on rebalanced a feminine archetype, or you may wish to go more deeply into your sensual and sexual awakening – which includes getting to know your vulva and vagina – and their beautiful hidden mysteries! This is for those women who want to go deeper, for Moon Mothers Level 1 or 2 or other femininity healers.

What is Included In the Programme?

  • Archetypal Womb Blessings – for those feminine archetypes that are dormant within you and need to be re awakened! We would identify which ones in your Female Energy Consultation.
  • Opening to Sacredness Womb Blessing Attunement. The purpose of this is an acknowledgement by a woman of: the surrender of herself and of her life to the Divine Feminine; the sacredness of the Divine Feminine within her; her belonging to the Divine Feminine.
  • Opening to Peace Womb Blessing Attunement. Purpose: to bring deep peace into the whole of a woman’s being.
  • Text book by Tammy Kent about vaginal and vulval care. Includes showing you how to identify imbalances in your pelvic floor. I can talk you through this.
  • Jade Egg Magic Course – This is an amazing 21 day self study video course created by feminine colleague sister to reconnect you to your feminine sensuality, energy and yoni, your vagina! Great for emotional and physical wellbeing, releasing sexual shame and rebalancing of hormones. (Does not include Jade egg – but you can purchase this for around £100 from the Jade Egg Magic course provider).
  • Physical Wellbeing – Information on physically rebalancing your health and female sex hormones which includes:
      • what recommended cleanse to do
      • what bespoke eating plan for you
      • recommended life style changes and how to incorporate them into your life
      • recommended right exercise for you at the moment (hint – it changes with your cycle and stage of rebalancing your hormones) and stage of life: – cyclical, peri-menopausal, menopausal and post menopausal. 


I can hand on heart say that this lady is pretty special. I have been working with balancing my feminine and masculine energies for a while now. But since I had these sessions, I feel so much lighter, I feel so much sexier, I get lots of male attention. And my relationship with my male partner is so much more harmonious and amazing now. For full testimonial please watch video to the right.

Maggie Sarfo

Akashic Record Therapist and Performance Coach

I very much enjoyed doing Natasha Feminine Program, its content is rich with information and inspirations. The energetic transmissions were strong and the overall program helped me finally creating that relationship with my cycle that my body long craved for.

With each phase of my cycle, I have gradually transformed my feelings of fear and not been able to control the situation, to surrender and trust in my own body. In the space of a month, I have seen my intention going from wanted clarity, to completely embrace the journey as a part of a bigger plan.

Thanks to this program, each Female Archetype finally presented to me for the first time, wanted to be recognised and embraced, showing me ways to flow with the needs and the qualities of each phase.

As I allowed for space to rest and sit within in the days leading up to menstruation, my period was less painful then the previous month. Most importantly my relationship with my period changed: I now no longer see it just as a waste of resources as I do not want pregnancy to take place, but as a way to create something new each month. Seeing the womb as a creative centre, from which unlimited possibilities and potential arises.

I strongly recommend Natasha, for her skills and kind heart, she followed me throughout the program and afterwards, she created a safe space for me to see where I was restricted and let go of that resistance.

Pina Dibenedetto

Nutritional Therapist and Healer


To find out more about the Archetypal Womb Blessings/Archetypal Female Energy Awakening Attunements watch my video explanations below.

Note – in process of recording archetypal and other level 3 wombblessing/attunements.

What is a Womb Healing Treatment?

What is a Womb Blessing / Female Energy Awakening Attunement?

What is a Female Soul Healing session?

How Long is This Programme?

This programme is delivered over 4-6 weeks partly in person, partly in an online self study course but with access to me to ask questions. In person sessions are between 1-2 hours long, weekly. Self study course is around 20 minutes per day.

How is This Programme Delivered?

The archetypal womb blessings can only be delivered in person. Remaining elements of the programme is self study.

Curious If This is For You? More Questions?

Click the appointment booking calendar below to book a Female Energy and Womb Healing Consultation to find out more.

Female Energy Check and Womb Healing Consultation

In this one and a half hour consultation you will:

  • Receive a taster womb healing session
  • Receive a report about your four main feminine energy centres, and how healthy or balanced they are
  • Suggestions to solve any physical or emotional or spiritual issues that are identified during consultation.
  • Receive recommendations for what you can do to get your feminine energy back into balance

How is The Consultation Delivered?

Over Zoom or In Person, at the Soul Mission Healing Clinic, located in Seven Sisters, North East London.

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