Energy Clearing & Hygiene Maintenance Programme

Is This You?

  • Do you wish to receive an energetic detox, hitting the reset button on you, your life, or your motivation to pursue your goals, including your weight loss goals?
  • Would you like to reduce feelings of worry, loneliness or too many thoughts running through your head?
  • Longing to feel self love, and feel connected to a universal unconditional divine love?
  • Want to get in touch with your ‘spiritual/energetic’ body and learn how to keep it clear?
  • Got the feeling that bad energy has stuck to you and not sure how to shake it off?
  • Have you ‘forgotten’ how to do self healing and wish to remember, or experience it for the first time?
  • Wish you get more in touch with your feelings, senses or energy?

If you answered YES to any of the above then this programme is for you!

Here is how Theresa benefitted from a spiritual energy healing session

What does it mean to work on the soul energy?

It means working on clearing your soul records. Your soul records or your akashic records is a records of all your thoughts, feelings and actions across all time, space, dimensions, lives and realities. It is a record of your Cause/Impact/Actions on the world and its Effect/Consequences. Whatever you say, do, think or feel ripples out like a rock being thrown into a pond. Some ripples cause negative effects for you and others that hold you and others back from achieving your potential. Clearing your records means we stop the negative ripple effect from continuing, and you can choose differently.


Here’s what you get

You will learn about energy healing, clearing and hygiene!

We will also be working on your subtle energy field, your chakras and aura to clear them and raise their vibration. These form part of your energetic body. Most people are not able to see these energy fields with the naked eye at the moment but since the 1930s, thanks to the Russian scientist, Dr Kirlian, we are able to take pictures of these subtle energy fields with biofeedback machines. Please see below for an example picture of a person’s chakras and aura. The aura is the glow around the person. The chakras are the coloured round circles of energy going down the middle of the body.

I like to use The Healing Rooms in Northfields for aura and chakra photography services so that people can see a real difference before and after sessions with me. There is a video below demonstrating a live Reiki energy healing session and its effect on the aura and chakra.

  •  A Reiki Level 1 attunement (Usui lineage) to remind you of your healing abilities. Once you receive this, it is yours for life!
  • Learn about your spiritual /energetic body, about your aura and chakras – the main energy fields.
  • How to keep your spiritual/energetic body clear from negative energies, including checking your energy body, feeling or sensing any negativity, blocks or resistance.
  • Learn the benefits of and how to do meditation to clear your mind, reduce worry, induce calm and an inner feeling of love.
  • You will also be able to help your friends and family by practicing healing on them too.
  • Learn about the spiritual detox period after your attunement, and how to manage subsequent changes in your emotions, thoughts and relationships.
  • After your attunement you can get in touch for any questions.
  • You will automatically be invited to a monthly Reiki share so you can develop, and grow confidence in your healing abilities with other people.
  • Join a close Facebook group of fellow Reiki practitioners.
  • This is the first step to becoming a professional Reiki Practitioner. You will get a certificate. If you wish you can then progress to Level 2 and receive a certificate that allows you to practice on the public.

Who is this programme great for

  • People who have lost touch with their senses, feel a bit numb, or are fearful of feeling their feelings.
  • People who are struggling to feel loved, feel self love or feel lonely/abandoned.
  • People who keep trying different weight loss programmes but keep falling off the wagon
  • People who struggle with motivation to follow through on weight loss programmes
  • People who need to reassess their priorities or let go of negativity or anything holding them back
  • People who need to prepare for the mindset or body programmes. In order to do the mindset programme you will need the ability to get in touch with your feelings so any mindset issues can be cleared. If you struggle to feel your feelings THIS IS A FANTASTIC PROGRAMME FOR YOU!

How the Programme is Delivered to you

Within 24 hours of payment you will get an email from us welcoming you to the programme. Your attunement will happen in person so we will arrange a suitable date or time for the attunement to take place. This usually takes a full day.

* Please note, for legal reasons, we cannot state that Reiki will heal or cure any medical condition.

If You Are Ready – How To Sign Up

Click below to go to payment for a 1 on 1 service which includes a Life Plan Coaching Session. Delivered over a 8 hour period, 9-5pm.

No Obligation Consultation to discuss your situation