Permanent Shield Against High Level Psychic Attack

18 Steps to Complete Soul Freedom — Onward and Upwards!

Not only do you have pieces of your aura and energy that are missing because it’s been “accidentally shared” out over many years, but it may be with every person that you have ever interacted with that is connected to you.

Sometimes it’s just a tiny filament of thread. Some of you might even have filaments of thread that go halfway around the world, for these are just ‘Light’ connections, which are not harmful cords.

If there is someone you are attached to with true Unconditional Love, it will be a light filament.

However, you also have cords to people that are about 6 inches around and very hard.

These are connected to your external Body and MerKaBa and simultaneously, these cords, including bindings, hooks and attachments, other distortions and all forms of connections, go across all timelines, lifetimes, and dimensions.

You are not benefiting from these. You are literally giving away your power and your energy that you need for love, relationships, work, and creativity.

These non-beneficial corded attachments have been with you for many years and lifetimes and you have lost much energy through them.

With these eighteen *25D Commands for Body and MerKaBa* healings, you will stop giving away your power and energy through the attachments that you have to these people.

Most healers do not know how to do this.

I sever all of these: the 25D Commands for Body and MerKaBa includes permanently removing and cauterizing and destroying all un-needed connections from all timelines and lifetimes!

And you co-create this by repeating every command that I say. You endorse your own freedom by uttering each command to your mind, body, spirit, and emotions! This is just the beginning! You will learn how to disconnect from 3D.

These command codes have been made available to us by Source ATEN and our Cosmic Star Brothers and Sisters: Lord Ashtar Sheran, Lord Ashtar, Lady Athena and J’Tariah EnRa El of Ashtar Command and the Galactic Federation of Light.

Through these eighteen *25D Commands for Body and MerKaBa” healings you will gain many powers, including:

* Connecting to Source for elevated dimensions
* Abilities to transmute, transform, and metamorphose
* Calls back all potentiality, power, prosperity, as well as talents
* Re-establish ESP, including clairvoyance, intuition, and precognition
* Feel inner child joy and innocence plus joyous energies as well as bliss
* Retaining and restoring imaginative faculties and creative power with artistic work

As you go up through all the 18 monthly steps, you will simultaneously create your new fantasy life that you desire. Stepping up through dimensions, you will bring back all of your power and energy, connect to the source of your imagination, and be a higher dimensional person of the highest vibration possible!

It is time for you to engage and exchange abundance for these eighteen *25D Commands for Body and MerKaBa” monthly Healings! You deserve to have your energies, and powers back and so much more!

Command Code Disclaimer:

Each set of command codes has a pre-requisite. Meaning that in order for you to receive the next set of command codes to re-program your Body and MerKaBa, you must go through them all in sequential order, starting from the first set of command codes, until you’ve reached the eighteenth. As you go through each set of command codes, the previous set of command codes are being re-enforced and strengthened further.

You can always repeat command codes that you have already received later on if you feel you need to, but this is generally not needed.

The command codes are voice or video only. In other words, you MUST hear and repeat the codes back which then vibrates through your mind, body, spirt and emotions in order for them to work for you. My voice and intentions are what activate the command codes. Each command code can only be received once per every 30 days.

Receiving these command codes can create a significant amount of detox if you are receiving them too close together. Some clients may even require a longer break in between depending on how they are integrating each set of command codes.

Please do not purchase if you have trouble hearing or speaking as this will make it very difficult for you to benefit from these powerful healings.

*** Understand that there are integration periods for these command codes to fully take effect. Everything happens in Divine Timing and in Divine Right Order. You will progress as you integrate these command codes daily into your mind, body, spirt and emotions.

As you go through these processes, you will be dramatically increasing your frequency, but know that this is only but one piece of the ascension puzzle. There is much more going on in this world that we are affected by that stops us from boosting our physical frequency and being able to actually activate 4D and above.

When you are ready, you will want to go through an Avatar 12 Strand DNA or Galactic DNA Activation session. DNA Activations will bring your physical frequency to 4D or higher and you will begin to shed lower vibrational energies that no longer can withstand in your energy fields because you are becoming lighter and able to hold more light within your energetic body.

Over time you will begin to clear all kinds of things from your life, but it is a process. Much like all of my other services, these energies take time to fully process into one’s energetic and physical body. These sessions will dramatically transform you over time, but you may begin to feel the effects of them a lot sooner.

For some they begin to experience immediate effects and for others it may take time. Knowing this and having this awareness will allow you to experience the full extent of what these command codes can do for you, but over time and when it is within the time that is meant for you to experience.

Everyone progresses differently in their own way according to what their higher self allows them to experience based what they are able to energetically handle each day. You will be receiving a lot of energies daily. Each command code set you receive, it will take approximately 3 – 4 months to fully integrate and process these energies.  ***


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