This is for you if you are unclear about manifesting or not getting the results from your existing manifestation practice! Enjoy this healing and manifesting ritual event in a potent group setting!

What We Will Cover In The Masterclass

  • Avoid the common mistakes people make when manifesting
  • Clearing a block – receive a group healing
  • Manifestation ritual to plant the seed of your new manifestation intentions for 2023-2024.
  • Harnessing the potent energies of the Spring Equinox and New Year!

By taking this Masterclass you will learn:

  • To what extent you are prepared for your manifestation
  • Discover what parts of you need to be brought into alignment to get you ready for your manifestation
  • Receive solutions to release any personal blocks or challenges standing in your way
  • A live energetic healing to release a block to being on your manifestation journey for this coming year
  • Share what the next steps are to continue your journey to realising your manifestation into physical reality
  • Find out the 8 Steps to Manifesting Your Soul Mission on the masterclass!

 Special Additional Bonus ONLY For Those Attending the Masterclass LIVE IN PERSON:

  • Free manifestation hologramme report for you!
  • It will tell you how well you are manifesting and where you need to release blocks or improve your energy field for manifestation.
  • Bespoke for you! You will get the link to book it for free!

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A replay will be available of this class.