Autumn Equinox – FREE Manifestation Masterclass

Sunday 24th September 19.00-21.00 GMT over Zoom!

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Who Is This For?

This is for you if you are unclear about manifesting or not getting the results from your existing manifestation practice! Enjoy this healing and manifesting ritual event in a potent group setting, and get inspired for this new season’s intentions! 

What We Will Cover in the Masterclass

  • Avoid the common mistakes people make when manifesting
  • Clearing a block – receive a group healing
  • Manifestation ritual to plant the seed of your new manifestation intentions for this year
  • Harnessing the potent energies of the Equinox and the New Season!

By taking this Masterclass you will learn:

  • To what extent you are prepared for your manifestation
  • Discover what parts of you need to be brought into alignment to get you ready for your manifestation
  • Receive solutions to release any personal blocks or challenges standing in your way
  • A live energetic healing to release a block to being on your manifestation journey for this coming year
  • Share what the next steps are to continue your journey to realising your manifestation into physical reality
  • Find out the 8 Steps to Manifesting Your Soul Mission on the masterclass!


Special Additional Bonus ONLY For Those Attending the Masterclass LIVE IN PERSON:

  • Free manifestation hologramme report for you!
  • It will tell you how well you are manifesting and where you need to release blocks or improve your energy field for manifestation.
  • Bespoke for you! You will get the link to book it for free!
Your Hostess for this  Masterclass - Natasha Bailey

Your Hostess for this Masterclass - Natasha Bailey

Soul Mission Guide

Natasha is a Soul Mission Guide  for Starseeds, Lightworkers and People in the Helping Professions who uses her life experience and professional training as an Holistic Healer to help you prepare for your Soul Mission, which is to contribute to global change. This is done through clearing any spiritual, mental, emotional or physical blocks, creating balance in all areas of life, keeping you centred within your heart space so you are focused and excited about stepping into your Soul Purpose. Having gone through her own awakening journey as a healer, Lightworker and Starseed, she is passionate about awakening other people's natural magical abilities with which to fulfill their soul purpose, and contribute to the ascension and enlightenment of our planet.

Register Below to Attend the Free Masterclass!

A replay will be available of this class.