level 1 healing course for starseeds, self healing

Are You…..?

  • New to healing / an existing Practitioner who wants a fresh outlook or up to date method?
  • Wishing to empower yourself to reconnect to your True Authentic Self?
  • Want to Discover you Soul Mission, Connect to your Soul and Higher Self
  • Wishing to manifest your purpose into physical reality?
  • Want to learn to do healing on yourself?

Course Content – 3 Modules over 3 Months: (for more detailed information about each of the modules just click on the module heading for more info.)


Module 1: Reconnect to Your Source Energy & Centre Within Your Heart, Created by Soul Mission.

Online course released on Sunday 5th March 2023.

Pre requisite for doing any healing qualifications or programmes with Soul Mission

Learn how to connect to your Soul and Higher Self

I Am Balanced Somatic Body Processing Technique for releasing trapped emotions, learning lessons and releasing karma.


Module 2: Holy Fire 3 World Peace Reiki Level 1, Created by ICRT.

Live Zoom Class on Sunday 2nd April 2023 12 noon – 9pm GMT.

Using Holy Spirit Energy to do self healing

Great at clearing out lower frequency energies on an emotional and physical level

Learn about taking care of your energy body


Module 3: How to Receive Answers from Higher Self Using Dowsing, Created by Soul Mission.

Live Zoom Class on Sunday 30th April 2023 12 noon – 9pm GMT.

How to ask the right questions and using charts

Using dowsing answers to guide your healing journey

Learn how to use a pendulum correctly free from interference

Additionally you will receive: 

Once a month 1.5 hour Live Q & A/Practice Healing webinar with Natasha. Dates:

Sunday 19th March 2023 19.00-20.30 GMT

Sunday 16th April 2023 19.00-20.30 GMT

Sunday 14th May 2023 19.00-20.30 GMT

 Online community for participants to interact with one another

Delivery of course: Combination of online course and live over Zoom.

Who This is Not For:  Anyone with a severe mental health problem, psychosis, the Reptilian Overlay or deep entity interference. One on one work with me would then be more appropriate. If in doubt, book a free call with me through the contact page to discuss your suitability for this course.

Investment into your healing £444. Options:

  1. Upfront payment BONUS – free 15 minute card reading. Payment is through secure payment method using Stripe. You can pay with debit or credit card or through paypal when paying upfront. Paying by installment is through Stripe only.
  2. Installment Plan: £150 x 3 months =£450.

Number of Places: 10 places only, first come, first served.

How to Book: click on payment options below.

After Booking: You will receive a confirmation email (check SPAM folder), followed by a welcome email from me (Tuesday – Saturday) listing all access links.

Got questions? Book a free call with me through the contact page to discuss your suitability for this course.

I am so excited to be working with you!

x Natasha x