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What is This Course About?

This course will teach you a muscle testing technique (dowsing with a pendulum) so that you can ask your Higher Self questions about your energy field or your customer’s energy field. This is useful to have because often we do not have the full picture of where we need to go next on our healing journey, or for our customer’s healing journey. The Higher Self knows the bigger picture in a way that we do not in the 3rd Dimensional -7th Dimensional level from our Human Perspective. This helps us make decisions which include the Higher Self rather than just from the human personality level which might try to guess what is needed next.

Please check out the video below where I explain how I check your Higher Self for answers:

Who Is This For?

  • This is for people who wish to check their own energy field to check how they are progressing on their healing or soul journey within a format where they can measure progress over time.
  • For qualified or trained healers who wish to learn how to check their customer’s energy field for information on what is happening with their energy, so they can create a treatment plan for their customer, and to measure progress over time.

What’s Included?

  • What are all the levels of the Higher Self?
  • Learn how to connect to your or your customer’s Higher Self and close the connection
  • Learn how to dowse
  • Check accuracy of dowsing and completion of healing
  • How to check if working with a customer will be beneficial
  • How to do assessments on your and your customer’s energy
  • How to formulate a plan of treatment using your toolkit of healing treatments
  • Asking your and customer’s Higher Self for guidance on treatment plan
  • Template Charts for dowsing
  • A soul clearing to clear any past lives where you used dowsing for ego purposes/dark purposes – so you don’t bring this into your present life
  • Ethics in dowsing and karmic consequences
  • What to do if you cannot get correct messages/mixed messages
  • Psychic Protection for connecting with customer’s Higher Self
  • How to keep your pendulum clear
  • Recommendations of useful next courses using dowsing

Does Not Include

A pendulum. You must choose one and pay for it beforehand. This is a personal preference, and will be a unique relationship between you and your pendulum. You can choose one made of crystal, metal or wood. The best ones will not be too heavy.

Food – please bring your own – there is a local turkish supermarket and afro caribbean takeaway.

How is This Delivered?

In person with me at the Soul Mission healing clinic in north east London. Nearest stations: Seven Sisters, Stamford Hill, South Tottenham. Exact address is provided upon booking.

Number of Places:

8 places maximum for more personal teaching.

Investment to Your Growth


Length of course

9 hours with 1 x 45/60 minute lunch break and 2 x 15 minute mid morning and mid-afternoon tea breaks.


  • You must not have any entity attachments or the Reptilian Overlay in your energy field – they interfere with the pendulum answers. Please contact me via my contact page if you are not sure about this, before paying for your course. I can quickly check for you.
  • Useful foundational course – Step 1 – Reconnect to Your Source Energy and Centre Within Your Heart, especially if you have never done any healing work, or have no training in doing healing, otherwise this will be too difficult for you, or will make no sense.
  • Wean yourself off coffee/stimulants at least 1 week beforehand as it interferes with answers (shaking hands and headache from coffee detox days 3-7)

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I am so looking forward to connecting with you!