Relationships: From Here to Love

Thursday 19th October, 6:30-9:30 pm
Taiko Room, Diorama Arts Studio, 201 Drummond Street, Regent’s Place, London, NW1 3FE

“From here to love: What you need to know to find true love, sustain a successful relationship and blossom in it”

This workshop is the third in the series of Balance Your Life Events this Autumn. At this event we focus on your love relationships, and it is my pleasure to present the wonderful guest speaker, Elena Angel, who has personally assisted me on my journey to a more conscious relationship. As this workshop is taking place on a new moon and with Jupiter recently transiting into Scorpio, this is an auspicious time to be setting new intentions for your relationships at this workshop. So……

Where are you on your relationship journey?

Are you looking for love? In a new relationship? Been with your Beloved for a while?

Each stage on the journey comes with its own challenges and rewards, offering us, women, the opportunity to experience love in new ways, and to evolve through the process.

Tonight’s talk looks at what can trip you up at each stage: some of the major hurdles and misconceptions, and how you can transform challenges into opportunities to expand in love.

The presentation includes a guided process to help you gain greater self-awareness, identify what is needed to enhance your relationship experience, and empower yourself to take those next steps.

Elena Angel is a teacher, speaker and mentor, founder of The Ultimate Connection Coaching®, an unique approach to personal and transpersonal evolution with emphasis on relationships, sexuality, spirituality and life-purpose.

An intuitive channel, Elena specializes in energetics, combining Taoist, Tantric, shamanic and quantum energetics with modalities such as hypnosis, NLP, Time Line Therapy™ and cognitive-behavioural hypnotherapy to assist with sexual and relationship issues, emotional challenges, creative blocks and spiritual emergencies, and support self-discovery and empowerment.

Elena’s work is regularly featured in magazines, newspapers and online platforms, including British GQ, Om Yoga, Sunday Times and Natural Health. Elena offers private sessions for singles and couples in London and remotely via phone or Skype, as well as workshops and retreats internationally.

Outline for the Evening:

6.30-7 pm Doors open
7pm: Start Time
9.30 pm : Questions and Answers

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