Powerful Female Way of Getting Your Life Sorted

Wednesday 20th September 2017, 6-9 pm
Seven Sisters, North East London

How often have we woken up vowing today will be the day I make a change?

Today I will start getting my health sorted or lose weight,

…today I will start applying for my dream job, or set up my business,

…reorganise my home so it feels great to live in!

…take a chance on dating again or reconnect more deeply with my partner

…make more time to have fun and go on adventures

….sort out my money/debt issues!

…go on a personal/spiritual development course

…make peace with a friend/member of my family

And we make a start on our plans, or we don’t because we are scared of what we might discover about ourselves, or wonder if what we want is truly possible. Or we make a start and for a while things improve, but then we hit a brick wall – there’s a crisis in the family, or our motivation slips, or someone makes us doubt that what we want is possible (maybe our track record has not been that great, and others like to remind us of that).

So what if I was to let you in on a powerful secret that most women are still waiting to (re)discover, in order to be more successful in life?

The answer, my lovely ladies….is your menstrual and lunar cycle!!

That’s right! Whether you are still menstruating or not, your menstrual and lunar cycle contains your very own personal life coach
that guides you to make the right decisions for you at the right time!!

So – my question to you is:

  • Do you want to kickstart your life goals and dreams in a powerful way?
  • Do you want to get clear on what your top three steps are to make a significant change in your life right now?
  • Would you like to improve your relationships, whether personal, friendship or work relationships?
  • Do you want to know when the optimum times are in a month for achieving particular results or getting powerful ideas? (HINT – THIS INTRODUCTORY WORKSHOP TAKES PLACE ON A NEW MOON – GREAT TIME TO MANIFEST NEW DREAMS!)
  • Would you like to get in touch with your inner goddess and life coach?
  • Would you like to experience better health, energy or recover from an illness?
  • Would you like to receive invaluable advice from someone who is now using these alternative methods from the mainstream life coaching industry?
Then come to this introductory event where I will share what I have learned, so you can benefit too!

Here’s what we will do and be together

  • Come together in a women’s circle
  • Go through a series of coaching exercises to get clear on what you want in life
  • What action and being steps you can take/be in order to get closer to your dreams and goals in life
  • A healing guided meditation to create and visualise the person you will become who achieves your goals and dreams
  • A body movement technique to get excited about your goals and dreams
  • A magical womb energising technique to powerfully attract more into your life (no nakedness required!)

Plan for the evening

6-6.30 pm – Arrive, share some food and mingle. Vegetarian and vegan options. Please let me know if you have any additional dietary requirements.

6.30 – Start introductory workshop

8.30-9 pm – Share a growth opportunity with you

9pm – Close the evening

Where will this event be held?

At a private residence in Seven Sisters to keep costs down and to keep this a cosy personal event there are only 10 places going.

Deadline for booking

Early Bird Tickets: £15 starting today

By 5 pm on the Day: £25

If you would like to book please click button below

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What Happens Next?

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And then you’re in!

I’m so looking forward to meeting you!

Love and DNA Light!

Natasha xxxx