Emotional Readiness Programme

Are you ready for your soul mission? Does this sound like you?

  • Am i really good enough for this mission, who am I to do this?
  • Feeling scared to  come out and exposure who I am
  • Feeling unsafe to pursue my soul mission, fearing being punished (again) in some way
  • Scared of potentially abusing my powers and hurting others
  • Wondering how I can help others when I have many problems of my own
  • Feeling unseen forces getting in the way, making me lose motivation
  • I start taking action on my soul mission but something happens, I get upset and I stop doing the activities I was doing
  • I can’t seem to bounce back from setbacks or perceives failures
  • Feeling torn about wanting to stay connected with family or friends but they are trying to talk you into ‘staying normal’
  • Wanting to have the energy to pursue my soul mission but frustrating health problems are getting in the way
  • Needing a safe and functional home environment  which supports me in my soul mission, but I can’t seem to get organised to either move out/on or improve my existing home
  • I have the  desire and passion to pursue my soul mission but unhelpful emotional or thought patterns keep sabotaging my progress
  • Wondering how I can juggle a relationship and my soul mission at the same time
  • Wanting to be or stay in a relationship, but I’m either attracting toxic people, or my existing relationship drains me, or I don’t know how to change the interactions between us
  • I want to be financially rewarded or settled to pursue my soul mission, but I’m are in debt or I believe money is the root of all evil so I repel it
  • I work very hard on my soul mission, I believe hard work pays off, but I end up burning myself out and having no time to socialise
  • If only I knew how to get aligned to my soul mission!

These are some of the mixed feelings and fears people have about getting aligned to their soul mission can trigger for them. If you answered yes to any of the above then the Emotional Readiness Programme would suit you.

What you get on this programme

  • Get to the root cause of the emotional or thought processes behind not being ready for your soul mission
  • Remove unhelpful patterns of behaviour, self sabotage, fear or doubt
  • Learn how to increase your motivation and keep it high
  • Tackle the original stress behind pracrastinating about moving forward in your soul mission
  • Sort out any key areas of life which are fuelling your stress levels or holding you back from fulfilling your soul mission
  • Feel excited and optimistic about yourself and your future
  • Learn how to catch yourself heading into a funk, and how to snap out of it, so you don’t sabotage your plans.

How is the programme delivered?

Best results are in person, but can do skype – 12  coaching sessions with two sessions per week, lasting roughly 1 hour.

I use a combination of Coaching with all my other programmes (as necessary) to help you release the blocks towards your soul mission. Some sessions may need to be in person but this will be discussed.

We agree on the dates beforehand. Where possible we book the same date and time each week.

What’s included

  • One Life Review/Planning session to identify the areas of life you want to improve on ( 2 hours)
  • 6 coaching sessions
  • Final Life Review/Plan session to check change and progress

Your Investment


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