Next Dark Moon Women’s Inspiration Circle:

Thursday 6th June 2024

In Person, Soul Mission Clinic, Seven Sisters, London

7- 8.30 PM GMT

Dates: Click on Button below to register!

What is A Dark Moon Women’s Inspiration Circle?

A dark moon gathering is a time for women to come together in a group, a circle, to listen, go within, dream and receive guidance and inspiration about what to create and manifest for the next month ahead, and release the previous month baggage so you have  a fresh start! This phase of the moon is important for manifesting our goals and dreams, as without the right inner guidance we can get off track, and not be in alignment with our true heart’s and soul’s desire. This wastes a lot of time and energy on fruitless pathways, albeit produces lots of learning .The circle is conducted all within a safe space where we can share openly without judgement. We gather together at the Soul Mission clinic in South Tottenham.

This is For You If You…

  • You are not manifesting your goals, dreams, your soul mission
  • You lack clarity about your goals, mission, purpose
  • You cannot connect to your soul
  • You struggle to make decisions, or change your mind a lot
  • You lack inner peace, feeling good enough, feel restless
  • You struggle with your menstruation or post menopausal phase
  • You are stuck in chronic rushing woman mode

What You Will Experience!

  • Sacred Feminine healing transmission from a Level 3 advanced Moon Mother, of the Dark Moon/Crone Winter Wise Woman feminine archetype
  • Be in a safe group/circle with other women where you can share from the heart
  • Reviewing and releasing the past month and its lessons through healing from the Dark Moon/Crone Winter Wise Woman Feminine Archetype
  • Receiving guidance from your Inner Crone Winter Wise Woman Feminine Archetype about ideas for the new month ahead
  • Learn how to step into your natural cyclical power as a woman
  • Understand this phase of the manifestation cycle
  • Sharing our inspirations and visions
  • Pulling cards, lighting incense and candles to get centred and calm

So if you’d like to kickstart your new month in a friendly safe environment where you can feel heard and acknowledged please join me!

What You Will Need To Bring With You:

  • A tea candle
  • A dark-coloured shawl to wear over your head and shoulders during the meditation to create a sacred space for yourself.
  • Your journal, or manifesting notebook and a pen!
  • Your intentions from the last Dark Moon!
  • Loose clothing to move around in!
  • Something to eat and drink afterwards. You may like to choose foods that represent the Dark Moon.

Location of Circle

The circle is taking place in Seven Sisters area, 10 minute walk from Seven Sisters tube station, 7 minutes walk from Stamford Hill Overground or 2 minute walk from Heysham Road bus stop  259/279. The clinic is on Albert Road, the exact door number is revealed in your confirmation email. This is due to this being my personal address as well as being the Soul Mission clinic, so this is for my privacy reasons.

Dates of Future Dark Moon Women’s Circles 2024

  • Thursday 11th January
  • Friday 9th January
  • Sunday 10th March
  • Monday 8th April
  • Wednesday 8th May
  • Thursday 6th June
  • Friday 5th July
  • August – no circle/break
  • Tuesday 3rd September
  • Wednesday 2nd October
  • Friday 1st November
  • December – no circle/break

Your Hostess – Priestess of the Rose – Natasha Bailey

Hello, I am a Level 3 Moon Mother (certified by Miranda Gray) and Priestess of the Rose guide and Feminine energy healer who is passionate about empowering women to step into their greatest purpose, alignment, and energy so that you can experience life to the fullest! I channel the Sacred Divine Feminine through me to you, to remind you that you are a representation of her on this planet, and to remember your juicy feminine power! I offer womb healings, blessings and female soul healings as well as menstrual and cyclical training to harness your cyclic nature for manifestation and power. For more information about what I offer check out my Reclaim Your Feminine Power Programme page.