Soul Record and Karmic Clearing

  • Clear basic main themes and challenges in life (karma) from your soul records, also known as the akashic records.
  • Upgrade and clear the consciousness of your Higher Self
  • Delete main karmic programmes, and associated feelings, past/future lives, and forgiveness.
  • Delete some (low level) negative thought forms, entities, energies, discarnates, separates, psychic wounds (psychic attacks), closing unhealthy portals to other dimensions.
  • Free your inner child from childhood negative projections from family or significant caregivers.
  • Checking the body to optimise nutrition, health and well-being. Checking organs and glands, toxicology, meridians.
  • Clearing other blocks e.g. vows, spiritual contracts, curses, DNA, negative emotional imprints.
  • Removing spiritual blocks or unwillingness to creating change in life, re establishing connection to SPIRIT and your High Self

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