20 Dimensional Cord Cutting Session

20D Cord Cutting Session

This is delivered by my Teacher.

The 20D Cord Cutting Session is a much more, highly advanced cord cutting session working with much stronger energies than the 15D Energetic Cord Cutting Session and it doesn’t just focus on clearing and cutting negative and unhealthy energetic cords.

This session focuses on clearing and cutting all forms of cords whether healthy, unhealthy, energetic, etheric, ancestral, from all people, beings, places, things, events and on all timelines, dimensions and galaxies.

Most of the energetic cords that one experiences are negative and unhealthy and can create dramatic life-force drain and many more issues due to the nature of the cords being created.

Energetic cords are a method of high speed communication and the sharing of energy.

There are healthy cords that create and nurture the sharing of information and energy and there are unhealthy cords that can drain huge amounts of energy from you as a means of control.

They are generally attached by mutual agreement, however there are lots of ways to persuade, trick or con people into being corded.

There are energetic cords that are very important.

For instance, when you were 2 years old but now in adulthood the cord is no longer useful, but the cord is still there. Some energetic cords can be temporary, a telepathic and energetic link between two persons. Usually they don’t last long and dissipate within a few days or even hours.

If you find yourself constantly thinking of someone in particular, you may form a cord that will drain you and make you feel bad for no reason. Most people do not and will not understand the concept of this as an energetic human being and with our thoughts, feelings and emotions we create etheric cords that are either healthy or unhealthy, which either promote good health, or bad health as a result of the type of cord.

Etheric cords can form between people, objects, and situations where there is a fearful attachment, afraid to let go, scared to be alone, afraid to be without. These are invisible energy links. We normally cord to other people and also allow them to cord to us throughout the course of our everyday lives. Many of these cords are short lived and dissolve quickly.

Longer-term relationships generally create cords with a build-up of numerous energies and emotions such as need, desire, love, anger, jealousy, envy, etc. They can be very intensive and volatile and can create problems in the form of aches and pains, depression, rage, exhaustion, burn-out, etc.

Most people aren’t even aware of these energy cords, the few that are aware can only vaguely describe their experiences. There are also a multitude of frauds, phonies, gurus and religious zealots who use cording to attach to their followers to make money.

“Cutting cords doesn’t mean, “I don’t love you or care about you anymore.” Cord cutting doesn’t necessarily lead to break-ups or abandoned relationships. It simply means that you are releasing the dysfunctional parts of your relationships. Remember, fear is the opposite of love, and etheric cords (and all attachments) are created from fear”. Doreen Virtue

Parents form cords normally with their babies as it is a necessity to help parents communicate with and understand their baby’s needs. It is a positive cord and will dissolve naturally over a period of time as the child grows.

A negative cord will feed on the energy and emotions of one person to another in both positive and negative ways and you may feel angry and not know why. You may feel depressed for no apparent reason as these cords are normally formed on a subconscious level through the need of a person’s manipulation and control.

Are you finding it particularly difficult to “let-go” and move forward from a relationship? Chances are there are cords of attachment from the other person that is holding you back. A person going through a divorce may be feeding their anger, rage, stress, and jealousy to the other person and vice versa. Without realizing it, parents feed these emotions to their children and partners, creating all sorts of problems for everyone.

If you have a cord attached to someone you love and that person is going through a major crisis, they may be draining energy from you. So you will feel drained without even knowing why!

However, what most people do not realize is that it is not just the negative and unhealthy cords that can have an effect on us. All forms of cords have some type of energy drain that goes along with them because they are connections to and from person to persons, person to other beings, person to places, person to objects, person to events and so on.

As long as these cords exist, even if they are healthy, there is still a form of energy drain that after going through the session will be evident to you in the changes and shifts that you will experience simply by having all of these different types of cords cleared and severed from you.

In this 1 hour session, I will connect directly to your higher self, from my Christos Avatar Self to your’s to facilitate the entire session to perform the following:

20D Cord Cutting Session:

* Invocation of the Violet Flame to transmute all negative attachments and energies
* Cut all healthy, unhealthy, negative or positive etheric cords and attachments with all living, non-living and etherical beings, objects, events, all places starting from Agartha (Inner Earth), Earth, Solar System and Universe.
* Cut all healthy, unhealthy, negative or positive energetic cords and attachments with all living, non-living and etherical beings, objects, events, all places starting from Agartha (Inner Earth), Earth, Solar System and Universe.
* Cut all healthy, unhealthy, negative or positive ancestral cords and attachments with all living, non-living and etherical beings, objects, events, all places starting from Agartha (Inner Earth), Earth, Solar System and Universe.
* Clear Negative Energies
* Clear Imprints
* Clear Demons
* Clear Thoughtforms
* Clear Soul Fragments
* Clear Personalities of Others (seen and unseen)
* Close any openings (unauthorized access portal and wormholes) that absorb other people’s negative energy causing you to feel tired, irritable and not yourself.

A complete activation of your 4 major Brain Centers. (Pineal, Pituitary, Medulla Oblongata, and the Hypothalamus Glands)

Activation of your DNA Template divine seed blueprints to the highest possible frequency that you can hold at this time!

An Energetic Download for you from your Higher Self that will allow you to EMBODY more of your Higher Self and hold those frequencies here in the physical!

The 20D Cord Cutting Session is a 1 hour session where you must lay down with your eyes closed, wearing loose fitting clothing, nothing in pockets, around neck or on your fingers.

You may experience extremely intense vibrations, hot or cold sensations (or both), visions, altered states of consciousness or more to increase due to the energies you are receiving from the Golden Creator Substance energies of the Great Central Sun. (Heart of the Creator)