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Dear Customers!

Once a year you have the opportunity to book single sessions with me during spring! Usually I offer packages to do very deep work with me over 3-12 month period. This is so you get the deepest results possible, a transformation! However, I accept not everyone is ready for that level of commitment for their personal development. So this is an opportunity to get some work done on yourself or buy presents for others for them to do this work.


  • Sessions take place 21st May – 31st May.
  • From 12th May I go on holiday for ten days. Any questions will be answered upon my return.
  • You can book as many single sessions as you wish
  • Some sessions are worth 2 sessions – see list below
  • Leave at least 1 week in between sessions for integration purposes, if you are buying more than 1 session.
  • You can buy it as a gift certificate
  • You can book the session straight away in my calender so you know when it takes place.
  • You will receive a booking confirmation email.
  • There are no refunds but you can change a session for a different one before you start your session, if you changed your mind about the one your purchased.
  • All sessions can be done from a distance/Zoom with 1 exception – Archetypal Womb Blessings.
  • Please choose YOUR TIMEZONE when booking sessions so you know my dates/times of availability. I don’t work in the middle of the night 😉
  • Pay with Paypal, Debit or Credit Card


If you don’t know what to choose we can discuss this at your session, but I recommend getting the Energy Check Assessment Report (as well) to find out what areas of your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical development you need to work on so as to be ready for your soul mission or remove blocks. More info below.

If you don’t know what to choose we will ask your Higher Self to recommend a session for you.

I am so looking to supporting you on your journey! Happy Springtime!

x Natasha x


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1.Discounted Energy Check Report Including action plan £55

Book Here

2. Single Session: £111.

Book Here

Choose from:

Step 2 programme: Clear Your Soul Records & Energy Field

All sessions except Reptilian Overlay and Chakra Aura Clearing, and Soul/Karmic Clearing. This includes:


Step 4 programme sessions: Femininity Programme

Step 5 – Getting Grounded in a Healthy Body Programme

Physical Health Assessment Session – click here to learn more.

Step 6 programme sessions: DNA repair and upgrades

3. Double Session’s worth: £222.

Book Here

Choose from:

Step 2 programme: Clear Your Soul Records & Energy Field

Step 4 programme sessions: Femininity Programme sessions include:

4. Gift Certificate for A Loved One

Energy Check Report £55

£111 Gift Certificate

£222 Gift Certificate

Sending Love,






I decided to work with Natasha again recently to help clear a lot of unwanted energies around me that were holding me back. We did the Matrix Unplugging Session and the Mirror Shield session together and I felt immediate benefit during and after the session ended. The past few weeks have also seen gradual improvements to my mood, headspace and energy levels and this will only get better as well.
Natasha is a gifted healer and is very attentive to your needs and making sure the treatments are effective. Her energy reports are very thorough and she is very generous with her time to ensure everything is clear and understood. Highly worth recommending for anyone who feels they are being held back in life.
Autumn 2022
Michael Richards

“Dear Natasha
I would like to share my experience/observation while working with you since May 2022.
I started my spiritual journey 4-5 years ago. I tried many different healing techniques, read numerous inspiring books, attended countless various seminars, listened to podcasts, tried Akashic records clearing sessions, etc. I achieved quite impressive results, however, I strongly felt there is something else out there. I continued my search and one day I got inspired to go on google and this is how I discovered Natasha Bailey
After an initial consultation in May 2022, I decided to go with Option 2 from the services Natasha was offering. I must admit I didn’t understand everything at the time and had no idea for example what Matrix Unplugging or Reptilian Overlay Removal means, but deep inside I knew it was 100% for me. I have to confess the price of the 6 month programme surprised me a bit, but since I believed this is exactly what I was looking for, I knew that money will come to me. I was certain about it. And now I can confirm that this programme is one of the best investments I made so far.
I am writing this at the beg of Sep 2022 and this is what I noticed/happened to me:
Since I was doing online dating, I have noticed I am attracting and going on dates with higher-quality men who have real potential, share similar values and have a positive outlook on life.
I am even more aware of the feminine and masculine energy and the importance of being in my feminine as much as possible. This was/still is challenging for me as I am super organised, I have OCD and I am a single mother.
I feel a lot deeper inner peace which is the most beautiful feeling in the world. It’s hard to explain or describe it. I also feel more and more aligned.
I start looking for a new job in July and on Mon 29th Aug I received a call with a job offer without even applying for a job! I’m still thinking about it and I haven’t made a final decision, but the fact that this happened to me is mind-blowing. I always thought that things like this don’t happen to someone like me. Sessions with Natasha helped me realise my value and my worth.
The remaining toxic people have exited my life without any drama. I am embracing/introducing boundaries when/if needed knowing how beneficial it is not only for me but others as well.
In Aug, after Womb Blessing (not included in Option 2) live session with Natasha (12th Aug) and Matrix Unplugging session (18th Aug. Energy was too strong that even my phone stopped working. I never experienced anything like it) I connected to someone and had 3 the most amazing dates in one week. The best part was that all 3 x dates were organised by him (I was in my feminine energy open to receiving and no suggestions from my end). On a 3rd date, he complimented me and told me things which I always had in my mind and wanted to hear from a man. I had to pinch myself. Most importantly, I didn’t feel desperate, I didn’t overthink nor needed to be in charge
Work is still in progress every single day, but I do know I am moving in the right direction. If you are in the beginning/middle of your journey and if you are reading this, I would like to encourage you and tell you DO NOT stop! Keep going. Do not look for obstacles – only for solutions. Believe in yourself. Follow your gut feeling as it never lies
Much Love 💛
* Vaida prefers not to include her picture*