Opportunity to Apply For Free Life Changing Energy Therapies

To the Value of £3500

Today I would like to discuss an opportunity for you to gain access to  Free Life Changing  Therapies with me To the Value of £3500! However, this is a time-limited offer that requires action within the next week (7th December 2018), so please keep reading if you are interested!

As many of you may know from my posts and Vlogs I am a big believer in getting balance in all areas of life so that you can pursue your soul mission without getting distracted or drained energetically. After all, how easy is it to 100% go for your life purpose if your health is bad, your home environment is unstable or in a mess, your finances are a disaster or you are in a toxic relationship with someone. Then it becomes impossible to focus and direct your energy on your mission. You delay taking action, maybe making excuses for why you cannot move forward in life, and before you know it, years have gone by, and you feel that bit more hopeless about getting any closer to doing what you are passionate about.

As a coach I like to walk my talk, and take investing in my personal development seriously. This is so I can keep growing and learning and you get the benefits as my client. Which is why when I became aware that an area of my life was not working, and was hindering my soul mission, I decided to do what all good coaches do – get a coach of my own!

I’ve got to be honest I’ve become aware that my love life is a bit of a disaster area. I seem to keep choosing inappropriate or toxic partners, and it’s seriously impacting my life.

I have used my own techniques on myself with some headway, but still not moving forward significantly enough. I sought out and found an amazing coach, with whom I have had one session and she really got to the crux of the issue that no one was able to in the past 5 years! Now I have the opportunity to resolve this issue in an 8 week programme with her. I have applied for a loan to pay to work with her and been accepted, on one condition – that I have a guarantor.

Seeking a Guarantor for My Loan In Exchange for Working With You For Free

What I am offering is to work for free with you using all my programmes to the value of on £3500, removing obstacles in your life as part of an exchange between us. In return I am looking for a guarantor for a  loan for my business, for my continual professional and personal development as a coach.

My immediate friends and family are not in a position to help out which is why I am appealing to you for help as a guarantor. In exchange for being my guarantor I am offering to work with you for free over an 8 week period, using all my therapeutic services to the value of £3500.

  • So is there an area of life where you feel stuck that you want to move forward in?
  • Have you tried conventional methods such as psychotherapy/counselling, or life coaching but not seen or felt long term changes?
  • Have you tried complementary or healing therapies before, or are you curious?
  • Are you prepared to take follow up action that I will be encouraging you to do during our time together?

If you answered yes to these questions and you are interested and want more information please keeping reading!

More Information About Your Programme and About My Loan

Thank you for taking an interest in potentially becoming my Guarantor and Client. Next I will explain what the requirements are, how I could help you, and give you testimonials from my clients so you can get a feel for the results you can get working with me.

Using My Soul Mission Alignment Method On You

So on my journey to fulfilling my soul mission I discovered and designed a 7 step system to removing the obstacles to getting ready for your soul mission and getting clear on what that soul mission is. This method works on you holistically – mind, body, soul and emotions – from a 360 degree angle. Most therapies only focus on one or at best two of these angles, which is why people aren’t; getting the best results, or they haven’t got a coach/therapist to work with them!

What is the 7 Step System I will be using on you?

  1. Clear Your Soul Records and Your Energetic Field
  2. Reconnect to Source Energy and Centre Within Your Heart
  3. Rebalance your Masculine and Feminine Energy
  4. Clear and Upgrade your Mental and Emotional Patterns
  5. Getting Grounded in a Healthy Body
  6. Upgrade your DNA into the Galactic Human
  7. Getting Organised – Living Practically in 3D


A Video Explaining Your Programme

And here is a webinar explaining it more fully, why using the 7 steps across the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical energy fields gives you the best results:

Testimonials From  My Clients

Maggie: feels lighter, sexier, received more male attention, relationship with partner more harmonious, resolved conflict situation with a work colleague. Connected with powerful divine feminine (spiritual) being to assist with creativity at work.

Amanda: No longer suicidal, passed driving test after 30 years, more confident and outgoing and knows what direction she is taking in life!

Sheryl did the cleanse programme, part of the Getting Grounded in a Healthy Body Programme. Feeling more energetic, motivated, do things she wanted to do, be more supportive at work and going out more. She also lost 5 pounds of fat within 4 weeks.

Pina did the Reconnect to Source and To Your Heart Programme. She now feels she can do her own practice, and has all the tools to start her own business. Less pain and attachment to people.

What Are the Requirements for You as a Guarantor and as a Client

Requirements as a Guarantor:

  • Aged between 21 & 72
  • UK resident (excludes Isle of Man and Channel Islands)
  • UK current bank account
  • Valid UK debit card (Visa Debit / Visa Electron / Debit MasterCard) (for credit check purposes)
  • Can be a tenant or homeowner
  • Able to afford the monthly repayments of £212 (not required as I will be making these)
  • Not currently a customer or guarantor with Bamboo (the loan company)

Requirements as a Client

  • Ideally you are based in London or within easy access of London.
  • Showing up for each session and on time
  • Following up on action points after each session
  • Willingness to be open and honest

How and when will your sessions be delivered to you?

  • Twice weekly sessions of around 1-½ hour duration over skype, and some day long sessions in person in London.
  • Sessions taking place Tuesday – Thursdays between the hours of 10 am – 8 pm, to be agreed upon.
  • Sessions booked in advance for the whole 8 weeks.


What are the details of my loan agreement and my coach?

The cost of the programme I will be taking is £6000. I have submitted a deposit of £600. The loan from Bamboo is for £5400. The loan term is 60 months repaying £212 per month at an APR of 49%. The guarantor steps in if I am unable to make the monthly repayments. The monthly repayments of the loan are affordable for me and it is my belief, intention and desire to repay that loan within 3 months. Based on her client’s testimonials this programme works so quickly that the results will appear fast, including the ability to free up my energy to attract even more customers into my business, and repaying this loan way ahead of time. I am happy to provide details of income and expenditure when we meet/speak.

Once you pass the requirements as my Guarantor and Client you will be given an email link to Bamboo for them to check your suitability as a Guarantor.

Information about the coach I will be working with

Her name is Sacha Knop, and she is a renowned coach with over 20 years experience and contributor to Huffington Post. She will be doing twice weekly sessions with me over an 8 week period over skype. She is happy to be contacted by you, as the potential guarantor, to check the benefits of the programme I will be doing with her. Here is her website details.



Answers to Possible Questions

Why can’t my friends or family be my guarantor?

Either they do not live in the UK, their credit score makes them unsuitable, they are going through personal issues of their own, or they do not want to jeopardize our relationship/friendship.

How do I apply to this opportunity?

Click on the calendar to the right, select the date and time of our skype meeting, and fill in the questionnaire. We will have a conversation about possibly working together!