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How to Be On Your Soul Mission & Release Challenges In Your Way!

 Wednesday 28th September 7-9 PM, GMT/UK Time

This is for you if you are….


Unclear About Your Soul Mission or Not Able to Manifest Your Soul Mission

What Are the Signs?

Unclear About Your Soul Mission

  • You are not sure what is your soul mission or how to connect with it
  • You lose yourself in people, places or things in order to feel ok or you revert back to old unhelpful habits/patterns that bring you down and off track to fulfilling your soul mission
  • You don’t have a good sense of yourself, your core
  • You are considering doing healing work and want a good foundation before being initiated into/attuned to a healing frequency
  • You have already been doing healing work in an effort to help yourself and others but certain core personal issues are still affecting you

Not Able to Manifest Your Soul Mission

  • You know what your soul mission is but you don’t know how to achieve it?
  • You know what your soul mission is but you get distracted along the way/allow things to get in the way?
  • Have you tried to manifest your soul mission but it’s not working?
  • Confused about your goals?
  • Wondering if you’re manifesting from highest and best of intentions, or from ego? (it will subvert your plans, trust me)
  • Used the Law of Attraction but not getting results?
  • Done rituals or ceremonies previously to manifest something but the outcome was different to what you hoped for?
  • Just dreamed/hoped/prayed for your mission to manifest but still nothing?

If you answered YES to any of the above then this Masterclass is for you! Click the button below to register!


By taking this Masterclass you will:

  • Find out to what extent you are prepared for your soul mission
  • Discover what parts of you need to be brought into alignment to get you ready for your soul mission
  • Receive solutions to release any personal blocks or challenges standing in your way
    • A live energetic healing to release a block to being on your soul mission
    • Share what the next steps are to continue your journey to being on your soul mission
    • Find out the 8 Steps to Manifesting Your Soul Mission on the masterclass!

Special Additional Bonus ONLY For Those Attending the Masterclass LIVE IN PERSON:

Your Soul Mission Pathway Chart for you to identify where you are on your soul mission journey!

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