Starseed, What’s Your Soul Mission? London Event

London Event – Wednesday 26th September 7-9.30 pm,

Columbia Hotel, Lancaster Suite, Lancaster Gate, W2 3NS

Calling E.T.s, Starseeds & Lightworkers, Fullfill Your Soul Mission!

An evening of meeting Starseeds and Lightworkers all coming together to discuss our soul missions, and how to fulfill them whilst thriving in the heavier density of our 3D world! Discover, clarify and remove blocks to your soul mission through a series of interactive exercises and a healing transmission from three Star Galaxies.

  • Do you feel you have a bigger purpose than simply working a mainstream 9-5 job in ‘the system’?
  • Were you the outsider or the ‘wacky’ one of your family, school or community?
  • From a young age, did the world seem like it was run in a very dysfunctional way that disrespected people and planet?
  • Do you get visions or dreams of leading a different life to the one you are right now?
  • Working with or sensing energy or being psychic is a natural way of being for you?
  • Do you believe there is a higher force influencing and directing the development of our planet?

If you can relate to any of the above then this event is for you! During this event we will do the following together:

Clarifying Your Soul Mission

We will be discussing different types of soul mission, including an exercise to get clearer on yours. We will start off with a simple clearing of your energy field at your soul record level and connecting you to your Higher Self Committee so that you get clear answers straight from source rather than filtered through any of your own blocks. Through a series of questions and answers you will then be guided to pinpoint your unique strengths, abilities and interests so that you know you can form a picture of what your soul mission sounds and feels like for you! This will get you mental clarity on your mission.

Body Movement to Ground Your Soul Mission Vision

Let’s face it. As Lightworkers and Starseeds we are more connected to our cosmic origins. But this can lead to ungroundedness and feeling spaced out if we neglect our earthly body needs, or escape into just doing visualisations and meditations. Being grounded is critical to manifesting your soul mission into physical reality! The body movement exercise we will use will allow you to get in touch with your feeling body, which is your unconscious mind, which has direct connection to source, which guides your vision. This exercise releases stuck energies or blocks in the emotional and physical body preventing you from embodying your mission.

Healing transmission from Three Star Galaxies

After getting grounded we will then  be ready to receive healing transmissions from three Star Galaxies. We have a lot of support and help from our cosmic brothers and sisters off planet. They are waiting for you to ask for their help and are rooting for you! A healing transmission will be sent from from three star galaxies; Lyra, Sirius and Pleiedes. This transmission will assist you with getting clearer about your soul mission or removing a specific block to fulfilling your soul mission.

I’m super excited to be hosting this event for you! Having been through my awakening to my own soul mission I’m looking forward to sharing some of the shortcuts to getting there with you!

With Love and DNA Light,

Natasha Bailey xx

Ticket £22

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