World Wide Womb Blessing And Dancing Women’s Circle London

Saturday 31st October 2020, 9 – 11.30 am
Currently Online Women’s Circle on Zoom

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What is the Worldwide Womb Blessing & Dancing Event?

An invitation…

The World Wide Womb Blessing is a global event held five times a year. Over 140,000 women across 150 countries around the World come together to do something extraordinary – to share love, light and healing, and to awaken the Sacred Feminine within themselves and within the World. The blessing is a global transmission of the Sacred Divine Feminine healing energy  by Moon Mothers. To all wonderful women everywhere, I would like to invite you to my local women’s circle here in London held in person on this day to receive the womb blessing.

This is an event where you will learn about harnessing the gifts and powers of your menstrual cycle to benefit you in daily life. To be in tune with your cycle whether you have a womb or not is to be in tune with your TRUE FEMININE POWER!

“The Womb Blessing returns our female nature back to its sacredness and awakens and restores our female energies” (Miranda Gray). Relationships, upbringing, the stress and pressure of living in a masculine, modern world – all these things regularly disconnect us from awareness or our authentic female nature.

Because this energy is delivered to women as a group it taps into the collective feminine consciousness. You will experience individual benefits, and this is a taster session so if you wish to experience an individual personalised womb blessing for your specific energy please get in touch via this page.

The World Wide Womb Blessing – A Female Energy Awakening Attunement

The Worldwide Womb Blessing energy is a gift of Divine Feminine Love and Light. But it is not simply a parcel of energy that we are given – it is a process of ‘connection’ or ‘synchronisation’ to a beautiful energy which is always there for us to use. The English term for creating a connection to a specific vibration of energy is an ‘attunement’, and every Womb Blessing is an ‘attunement’.


Benefits of Receiving the Womb Blessing

After we’ve received a personal Womb Blessing attunement or a Worldwide Womb Blessing (attunement) we can connect to this energy for our personal self-healing and for restoring our womb energy centre whenever we need it! The more attunements we receive, the more energy we experience.

Many women report the following symptoms after receiving a Womb blessing:

  • More comfortable painfree menstruation or more regular menstruation
  • Releasing past hurts or traumas from the womb area
  • Easing of gynaecological issues
  • Renewed libido
  • Easing of obstacles for conception/fertility
  • Detox effects, releasing toxins in the body
  • Ability to go more with the flow, flexibility in dealing with life’s challenges
  • Receiving more respectful, gentlemanly masculine attention
  • Feeling more feminine, and enjoying one’s womanliness
  • Improved ability to manifest and create what you desire for your life

How the Attunement Works on Your Energy

Each attunement works with your energy to raise your vibration in the following ways:
+ Releases old patterns of behaviour, feelings and thoughts based on a false feminine energy of fear, lack, dependence, disease.
+ Brings forward healthier patterns of behaviour that are more an authentic feminine energy of abundance, health, connection, interdependence.
+Builds on the previous attunement to keep raising your frequency in layers, so attendance of all four events ( a full cycle) is highly recommended to maintain momentum in your personal growth, and build on previous energies.
+ Please note – follow up action to help yourself in your life is till required, relying solely on the attunement to change your life will not be enough, but it will be the energetic boost to assist you with making life changes.

Each Event and Attunement Tracks Your Natural Life Coach and Inner Guide to Living Life – Your Menstrual Cycle

Attend each of the 4 archetype womb blessing events (all except the December one) to learn about and experience the gifts of each phase of your menstrual cycle.  At each event we focus on a particular phase of your menstrual cycle. Each phase has particular gifts to harness which I will teach you about. Get acquainted with the TRUE PURPOSE of your menstrual cycle – your very own personal life coach and guide to yourself and living life!

Therefore, I highly recommend you attend all four to get acquainted and track your full cycle. I recommend to attend all four in a year to explore each archetype, and incorporate her energy into your daily life! We will cover how to do that!

The four archetypes of the four phases of your cycle:

Spring Maiden archetype – new beginnings, planning, fast action- taking, mental focus

Summer Mother Archetype – connecting and networking relationships, fertility, nurturing

Autumn Enchantress Archetype – creativity, magic, discernment, critical thinking, harvesting abundance

and the Winter Crone/Wise Woman Archetype – completions, review and reflection, connection to spiritual insights

For dates of when each archetype will be celebrated at the next world wide womb blessing events please see dates of future events below.

Most people do not have balanced feminine archetypes which stunts their growth and success in life. We all need a balance of each of these 4 archetypes in order to fully step into our FEMININE POWER, to achieve our soul mission, our life purpose and to fuel our dreams and goals! For many people some or all of their archetypal feminine energies are dormant or wounded , creating delays, pain or lack of abundance in fulfilling your life purpose. The womb blessing events are an opportunity to activate and/or heal each of these archetypes. It doesn’t matter at what stage you join the events during the year, doesn’t have to be in order. Just come to all 4 event phases in the space of a year and you will receive information of the gifts, and what to do with them. And if you have done all four come again to experience them at a deeper level.

Who Is It For?

“The Womb Blessing is available to all women whether they currently have a womb or not, or have a cycle, or not. The Divine Feminine energy is for all of us. The only condition for the Blessing is that young girls must have had their first menstruation to receive the energy.

How Will You Receive the Blessing?

Register to attend the event by 9 pm the day before at least and preferably before to make use of the Early Bird prices.. Come to my event where we will meet in a women’s circle to receive the blessing. We receive this as an energy transmission (no touching) through a guided meditation as a group. We usually lie down to receive. Your email address is used to channel the energy to the correct destination – like a satellite navigation! You simply sit and intend to receive the transmission. As a Moon Mother I will be channelling the energy to you. I was initiated and trained by Miranda Gray, the Creator of the Womb Blessing.

Miranda Gray’s role as the ‘channel’ is as a facilitator, simply the centre of the web that connects all the women in the Blessing to the Divine Feminine vibration and to each other. In these connections we become channels for each other, and this means that more energy can pour through us into each other and into the Land and the World. The more women who join the family web, the more energy that flows through it to us all. This means that every woman has an important place in the Blessing.

The Astrology Behind This Particular Full Moon

The astrology behind this full moon also plays a role, placing a particular emphasis on a particular theme in life, which can be useful to bear in mind on the day:

Special Focus: The Winter Crone/Wise Woman Archetype, The Gift of the Menstruation Phase


In this World Wide Womb Blessing and Dancing event we will be focusing on the Archetype of the Winter Crone/Wise Woman, The Gift of the Menstruation Phase of your cycle/new moon phase. She is truly the ideal archetype for inner guidance, peace, divine inspiration  and the foundation of the remaining archetypes holding the space for all the others. She assist you with knowing and becoming aware of your life purpose, your soul mission. To prepare for her coming I will be transmitting the cauldron energiser/womb energiser, flooding yoru womb with her energy from a distance live personally on the event.

We will also be doing and Ancestral Maternal Healing Meditation – Bring Dolls representing your mother line!

As well as undertaking the ‘Healing the Mother Ancestors’ meditation in association with the Worldwide Womb Blessing you can also do the meditation:
* At any time during the winter when the earth’s Crone energies are strong.
* At the dark moon, when the moon is in her Crone energies.
* During menstruation when you embody the Crone energies.

About the ‘Healing the Mother Ancestors’ meditation: Within our bones, within our DNA, we hold the patterns of our ancient Mother Ancestors – the mitochondrial line. This is the DNA which is passed from a mother to her daughters and sons, but it is only her daughters who can pass it on to the next generation. This meditation focuses on healing the womb-to-womb line, our mitochondrial lineage.



9 am – Arrive, registration, smudging, arranging womb bowls and picking cards. If you arrive before  please wait to be let in.

9.30 – Doors close, we take our seats, introductions, information about the womb blessing, special focus meditation, healing bonds between sisters exercise.

(NOT TAKING PLACE – Dancing. Preparing and loosening the body to receive the healing womb attunement and meditations. Please wear loose clothing)

10 am – The Divine Feminine Healing Transmissions:

— Womb Blessing Meditation – 20 minute main womb blessing transmission. Set your intention of what you want to release, any blocks to manifesting your soul mission, your soul purpose.

_ Earth Yoni Meditation

– Sharing Meditation – connecting with all women around the world participating at the same time 

– Archetypal Meditation

– Special Healing Womb Energiser – 1 minute personal energy transmission from me to you to energise your womb with the archetypal energy, and assist with attracting what you wish to manifest in your life. You will not get this from the free online event. 

11 – Sharing together experiences during healings and meditations. Eating some nourishing food.

11.30 – Closing circle, centering and grounding. Additional information provided about Individual Womb Blessings and Healings, and Future Events with Soul Mission.

ONLINE ZOOM ONLY! (Location and How to Attend in Confirmation Email)

(ONLINE ONLY AT THE MOMENT) The event will be held in the Soul Mission healing clinic in a private flat in Seven Sisters. Full details of the address and telephone contact details of how to get to the location will be automatically provided upon registration.

Nearest Stations: Seven Sisters/Stamford Hill/South Tottenham . Approximately 10 minute walk walk from stations. Use two fingers to move the map below.

What do you need to bring with you?

  • 2 small bowls
  • A tea candle
  • A small cushion to sit on
  • Blanket
  • Wear loose clothing with several layers. After dancing we will lie down for the meditation, so your body temperature will drop, please ensure you have an extra layer/blanket to cover yourself.
  • Sacred items, crystals, or pictures of loved ones to place on an alter
  • Any EXTRA items listed in your confirmation email when you register, especially for the individual archetypes
  • Your intentions of what you want to release and what you want to manifest

Tickets, Deadline to Book and Number of Places

Deadline and Number of Places

11 tickets available only so book early to avoid disappointment! Book by 9pm the evening before. If you book after this time you will not receive the womb blessing transmission but you can still attend the event. You will still benefit from the other activities and meditations.


Early Bird ticket: £15 until night before 9pm deadline

On the Day: £33 (doesn’t include attunement but does include womb energiser)


Payment is done through paypal but you DO NOT NEED a paypal account to buy a ticket. You can pay using a card. Just click the grey button underneath the yellow paypal button to pay with card. All major cards accepted. Just click on the grey button option to avoid paying through paypal. Best done on a desktop computer.

After You Register

Once you register you will receive email confirmation from me with a list of items to bring. Check your spam folder and whitelist us in your email account. Whichever email you use to pay with is the email you will receive a confirmation response to. Additionally, you will be registered to Miranda Gray’s mailing list so that the womb blessing energy will be channeled to you. Therefore, you will also receive confirmation emails from us and her. The guided meditations will be sent beforehand from us and from her to assist you to prepare. These will also be read out to the group on the day. Enjoy!

We recommend you set intentions for what you want to let go of, and what you wish to manifest more of in life beforehand. Give this some thought and also try not to create a long list! Trust that whatever is most important to you is what you will ask to receive!

If You Are Not Sure You Can Attend

You can still receive the World Wide Womb Blessing from the privacy of your home for free. But you will not learn about incorporating the archetype into daily life, or receive the personal Womb Cauldron Energiser given from me to you which magnifies your ability to manifest – this can only be received at  the event. These are advanced techniques that Moon Mothers Level 2 and 3 are able to provide. You just need to register at the womb blessing website by 9pm the night using the link below, choosing the 6 AM  or other time option suitable for you on the day:

Registration Link To Receive Free World Wide Womb Blessing From Home

If you decide on the day that you wish to attend the women’s circle you can join by making a payment below. However, because it’s a last minute booking we cannot guarantee that a place will be available,and you will pay the standard price instead of the Early Bird ticket.

Refunds and Cancellations

We do not offer refunds however you may sell/give your ticket to a friend. You will need to let us know before the event if you cannot make it by emailling Ccing your friend before 9 pm the day before so your friend can be registered to receive the attunement. If you email us after, your friend will not receive the attunement, but she will still benefit from attending the event.

Dates of Future World Wide Womb Blessings

2020 – The Cycle of Archetypes in the Menstrual Cycle

Sunday 9th February – Welcoming the Maiden Energy of Spring & Renewal & Womb Renewal Meditation
Thursday 7th May – Welcoming the Mother Energy of Summer and Fertility & Healing Our Sensuality Meditation
Monday 3rd August – Welcoming the Enchantress Energy of Autumn And Magic & Creating Abundance Meditation
Saturday 31st  October – Welcoming the Crone Archetype of Winter & Menstruation & Healing the Mother Ancestors Meditation

Special Non Archetypal Event:
Wednesday 30th December – Circle of Sisters – Connecting with women around the world and celebrating sisterhood

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If you’r e ready to book click on Add To Cart below or scroll down for more information

Step 1 – Make the PayPal or Debit Credit Card Payment – add email address

Step 2 – Follow instructions in Confirmation Email (check SPAM folder)

Step 3 – Bring items to event and attend!