Remembering Your Feminine Power Programme

Do You…

  • Want to harness your femininity for success in life?
  • Would you like to get back in touch with your natural healthy feminine cycle irrespective of whether you have a womb or cycle or not?
  • Menstrual or female issues?
  • Wanting to let go of past hurts as a woman or release any pain stuck in your womb?
  • Keep attracting the wrong guy or want more respect from men?
  • Haven’t felt attractive or feminine in a while?
  • Has the sex life in your relationship dwindled and do you want to reignite that passion?
  • Taking BIG action in your life but still not seeing results?
  • Would you like to rebalance your sex hormones?

If you answered yes to any of the above then the Remembering Your Feminine Power Programme would suit you. To find out more about the Programme and how I can help you book a consultation and taster session with me below.

Why Do I Need to Be More Feminine if I’m Already A Woman?

This programme is designed specifically for women who want to remember their natural feminine power, who find life isn’t working for them and they are getting sick or not attracting quality relationships with passion. What can go wrong is when the masculine way of doing things is imposed on women, or women act like men in the majority of areas of their life. After all, we live in a very patriarchal society where we are expected to act consistent, linear, logical, rational all the time – like men! There is not much room for creativity, flow, sensuality and feeling. That power is necessary to guide on the right path for each of us, rather than the ‘rational’ approach. We ladies work in a different way to men. We work cyclically, unlike men who work in a more linear, directed way. Cyclic means in tune with the daily, monthly, seasonal and universal changes.

Additionally, any past hurt of our femininity or sexuality can block our progress in life, especially if we take a masculine wounded approach of suppressing our feelings. Since our power as women lies in feeling our feelings, using our intuition, and being naturally sensual ignoring our true nature has damaging consequences. This causes emotional, spiritual and physical stress on the woman which needs to be released. Therefore, it is time to rebalance the energy towards a more feminine and strong and empowered way of being and doing in your life. It is stepping back into your strength as a woman.

What is Included In the Programme?

  • A 2 hour akashic record/soul record clearing foundational session (for more info go here)
  • A 1.5 hour Womb Blessing/Female Energy Awakening Attunement
  • 4 X 45 minute sessions of Womb Healing to:
    reawaken your natural femininity
    awaken dormant feminine energies for success in life
    release any old patterns, or past hurt
    experience pleasure and sensuality in all areas of life
  • Information on how to use your feminine cycle for success in life
    (irrespective if you still have one or not, or whether you still have a womb)
  • Information on physically rebalancing your female sex hormones which includes:
    a cleanse
    a bespoke eating plan for you
    recommended life style changes and how to incorporate them into your life
    the right exercise for you at the moment (hint – it changes with your cycle and stage of rebalancing your hormones)
  • A Moon and Menstruation Clock to track your cycle!

Moon and Menstruation Clock

Moon and Menstruation Clock To Get the Most From Your Cycle

The World’s 1st automated menstrual cycle and moon phase clock comes complete with a chart poster and 48-page guidebook designed for busy women who want practical guidance on how to live in harmony with their menstrual cycle and/or the moon phases.
The Inner Seasons Wisdom Dial is a complete system designed for busy women who want practical guidance on how to live in harmony with their menstrual cycle and/or the moon phases. We include:

Wisdom Dial – 20cm x 20cm (7.8 inch x 7.8 inch), ready to hang (1x AA battery required)
Illustrated 48 page full colour guidebook packed with practical, easy access information.
Chart Poster – 30cm x 30cm (11.8 inch x 11.8 inch)

Understand your hormones and the moon phases to align your schedule to your natural cycles to become more successful in all that you do and achieve more in less time. Wisdom Dial

This clock-like dial is a quality product made in the UK using recycled paper and resin, the face of the clock looks remarkably similar to slate. The hands move forward on a 29-day cycle and are easily shifted to align with your menstrual cycle and the moon phase once a month. The moon’s gravitational ebb and flow affects our wellbeing too and there are many related health benefits when working with the moon. The most exciting aspect is using the new and full moon’s energetics to manifest the life you desire.

Guidebook for the Wisdom Dial Included with the Wisdom Dial is a guidebook beautifully illustrated by Samjhana Moon. For each phase of the cycle you’ll find practical, easy access information to help you understand your hormonal cycle and live life in harmony with your body’s natural rhythm and the lunar fluctuations. Each season in the book also has a dedicated section to guide your partner in how to best support you, and how anyone can work with the moon’s phases to become more aware of their fluctuating energetics. You’ll learn the optimum times in your cycle for learning new skills and stretching comfort zones, for meditation and inner guidance, for nurturing relationships, for relaxation, decluttering your space – empowering yourself to be fully expressed by aligning with your natural cyclical rhythm and using the power of the moon phases to manifest the life you desire.

Chart Poster The Chart poster is a beautiful focal point to bring inspiration to your natural cycles providing at-a-glance guidance for the 4 phases, or ‘Inner Seasons’. On the poster are 50+ words aligned with each season to remind you of the influences and activities that enhance and support your life.


To find out more about the Womb Blessing, Female Energy Awakening Attunement or the Womb Healing watch my video explanations below.

What is a Womb Healing Treatment?

What is a Womb Blessing / Female Energy Awakening Attunement?

My Personal Experience of The Womb Blessing/Female Energy Awakening Attunement

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