Reconnect to Source Energy and Centre Within Your Heart

GROUP PROGRAMME: FRIDAY 11TH SEPTEMBER – SUNDAY 13TH SEPTEMBER 2020, London, Soul Mission Healing Clinic in Seven Sisters- 5 PLACES AVAILABLE ONLY, Deadline to register: Saturday 6th September 2020, 9PM

The heart has long been known as the home of the soul, that unique essence that is never changing throughout the ages, the lives, whether past, present or in the future, that is a part of God/Source/Creator energy. The essence is PURE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. No matter what physical form we take, species or gender we take on whatever plane of existence, the soul is as individual as a snowflake. Many people have sought enlightenment and, no matter what the quest, it always comes back to the heart and love. What would love do, be or say in this situation? This is why at Soul Mission we want to reconnect you to your essence, which is unconditional love, so that no matter where you go next on your journey everything will happen through the heart as the main guide for life decision, challenges and way of handling experiences. This requires you to reconnect to your own source energy, your own power first.

We do that by firstly reattuning you to your heart and source energy through an activation, and then teach you how to clear and nourish your energy using Holy Fire Reiki, which is a Japanese healing frequency rediscovered by Mikao Usui in 1920. Rediscovered, as this energy existed during Atlantean times, at another time of human civilisation on this planet. Now it is back, and upgraded with a 2014 and 2020 shift, plus we will provide additional upgrades to the 13th level (3 levels on this planet only, 10 off planet).

This is for you if:
* You are considering doing healing work and want a good foundation before being initiated into/attuned to a healing frequency
* You have already been doing healing work in an effort to help yourself and others but certain core issues are still affecting you
* You lose yourself in people, places or things in order to feel ok or you revert back to old unhelpful habits/patterns that bring you down
* You want a stronger sense of yourself/core

What will you receive, learn and feel….

3 DAY GROUP PROGRAMME FOR 5 PEOPLE : Friday 11th September – Sunday 13th September 2020

Location: Soul Mission Healing Clinic, Seven Sisters or ONLINE depending on current circumstances.


  • Preparation before any healing modality course, including Usui Holy Fire Reiki Levels 1-3, and beyond to Level 13 which Soul Mission teaches (see below).
  • Introduction to 12 chakra system and determining if yours are in balance
  • Explanation of the original ‘wound’ of separation and purpose behind the Human Condition.
  • Victim versus Creator energy
  • Understanding energetic boundaries between yourself and others, keeping your field intact.
  • Reconnection Activation to your own source energy. Focus on the higher heart energy.
  • Filling yourself with your own source energy
  • Learning centering and grounding to keep your energy balanced.
  • Connecting with your soul for guidance on your soul mission etc.
  • Heart connections with others, people you’re in conflict with, loved ones, those who have passed over, objects or situations in life
  • Using Heart Connection practice daily, monthly, seasonally, yearly or after receiving healing (transforming painful feeling coming up during a healing crisis)
  • Using Heart Connections to guide you on your soul mission, your life purpose, a prerequisite to doing the Magical Mission Manifestation course.

DAY 2 – REIKI HOLY FIRE Level 1 including 2014 and 2020 upgrades:  Saturday 12th September

  • Open your chakras to transmit Reiki energy (life force energy), including focus on heart chakra.
  • The attunement will be to Holy Fire Reiki Level 1, Usui lineage, upgraded to Holy Fire (2014) and Christ Consciousness level (2020 upgrade)
  • Helping you to remember your healing abilities
  • How to do healing on yourself and friends and family.
  • Teaching the principle of unconditional love, and how to live it in reality, in day to day life
  • Teaching you how to keep your chakras and energy field clear and nourished. The chakras nourish the key glands of your body and the emotions attached to each energy centre.  Learning about daily energy management and feeling the subtle energy fields.
  • Receive a manual for daily use and a certificate. Support afterwards for any questions you may have.
  • Inclusion in a Reiki Share (monthly gathering of Reiki practitioners to practice Reiki on each other).

DAY 3 – REIKI HOLY FIRE Level 2 including 2014 and 2020 upgrades – Certified Reiki Professional status

  • Attunement into Reiki/Holy Fire Level 2. The attunement will be to Usui lineage, upgraded to Holy Fire (2014) and Christ Consciousness level (2020 upgrade)
  • Initiation into 3 symbols to use on customers professionally
    • intensifying the Reiki energy,
    • releasing emotional attachments
    • how to do distance healing (very useful in current circumstances)
    • how to do a Reiki healing attunement ( major clearing of negative energy)
  •  You will also be taught about ethical practice, insurance and how to set up a Reiki business.

DAY 4 – REIKI Level 3-13 – The Original Atlantean Healing Frequency- Agreed upon date usually 9-12 months later

Traditional Reiki exists on this planet in 3 levels. Actually it exists at another 10 levels off-planet. Since we are experiencing massive changes on this planet the higher frequencies we can channel the better, especially if your customers have had experiences off planet that require healing.

  • Attunement to levels 3-13 of Reiki (also known as the original Atlantean healing frequency) as a group in an evening session usually 9-12 months after your Reiki 1 and 2 attunement. The delay is is so you can release negativity and prepare for the next upgrade by getting used to Reiki Level 1 and 2 first, and get some practice on yourself and people.
  • Doesn’t include Reiki Master 3 level where you are taught how to make other people Reiki practitioners – it’s a separate course which you can email me separately about. However the frequency is at level 3-13.
  • Delivery date will be agreed on Day 3 of this programme. Integration of Reiki 1 and 2 energies required first before attunements from 3-13th levels. This can take 9-12 months.

People’s Experience and See Pina’s Testimonial below:

Opening up to a greater sense of peace and love inside. Releasing some old patterns of being, doing, feeling. Three weeks of integration afterwards, with people experiencing and wanting to make changes in their life.


Due to the current situation, should government guidelines change regarding lockdown or social distancing, meaning we cannot meet in person, this programme will go ahead on Zoom. All I ask is that you have someone you can practice on during the three day course, either someone you live with, a friend or family member.

INVESTMENT: £500 upfront or 3 installments of £185 x 3 months totalling £555.

DEADLINE TO REGISTER: Saturday 6th September 2020

The latter will take your payment automatically via your card details. Make your choice then click on one of the links below. This will take you to  paypal but you do not have to pay by paypal, you can use a debit or credit card option in paypal. After you pay you will be sent to a page to add yourself to the programme email alert list. Please add your contact details.

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Looking Forward to working with you!

Natasha xx