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Reconnect to Your Source Energy Activation

Struggling to ground your soul mission into physical reality? Unsure what your life purpose is? Getting distracted by heavy energies, other people’s energy or situations in life? Using the Law of Attraction it’s not working for you? If you answered YES, you need to know about this advanced technique that most energy workers or newly awakened starseeds are unaware of. Click to get the Activation!

Womb Meditation

To reconnect with your womb and your feminine grounded energy listen to this womb meditation by my mentor Miranda Gray. Useful to listen to daily to feel centred, grounded and more sensual, allowing the more flowing energy of the divine feminine to be present within you. This is important for your soul mission as you will need to allow yourself to tap more into your intuition and allow yourself to be divinely guided for your next actions whilst remaining grounded. Beautiful!

Galactic Human Activation Transmission

We are stepping into a new age on this planet, where our planet is moving into a different part of the galaxy and the universe. This means our planet is going through some significant energetic changes. We also need to change and adapt with her. This requires an upgrade to our DNA and a reawakening of dormant abilities that have been long since switched off, but no more It’s time to awaken the multidimensional Galactic Human who fulfills its soul mission to assist with the creation of a new planet and new era in our human consciousness!

Test Your Body’s Health

How is it possible to feel energised and take action on your soul mission if you are feeling tired, or even worse, having health problems? Wondering why you might be feeling tired, not being able to sleep properly, or other niggling health issues, including weight gain? Your body’s key organ systems may not be working optimally. Take this Lifestyle Analysis test to find out how they are functioning and what you can do to improve your health and your weight loss. Start the test to get some immediate answers!